Can MCC Foundation Use Donations to Urge Voters to Vote for Referendums?

It has been most frustrating to have to fight McHenry County Conservation District referendums. As I have mentioned previously (see Why Odds Against Taxpayer if Conservation District Goes to Referendum), the frustration comes from having to fight money that should … Continue reading

Run for a Second Time: Woodstock Sheltered Village Resident Wins Federal Class Action Lawsuit for Less Restrictive Living Arrangements

Because Governor Pat Quinn announced Wednesday, the day after the McHenry County 377 Board referendum to impose a tax to fund $9 million in services for the Developmentally Disabled, McHenry C0unty Blog is running the following article published on June … Continue reading

Opponents to Real Estate Tax Hike Referendum Tuesday Make Robo-Call

Andrew Gasser, a Republican Precinct Committeeman from Fox River Grove has been active in his opposition to the referendum to hike taxes $60-$90 a year (the cost for $200-300,000 homes). He was even interviewed by the Chicago Tribune for its … Continue reading

708 Board Giving Only 10% of Tax Money to Developmentally Disabled

As I have stated since last fall, when I was McHenry County Treasurer I delivered the first checks approved by the new 708 Board. To repeat myself, the referendum to approve the tax hike was supported by the McHenry County … Continue reading

Illinois’ Lack of Care for Developmentally Disabled Adults Horrible

Yesterday, I published a column by attorney William Choslovsky about the Algonquin mom who, after researching how various states treated developmentally disabled adults, decided that Tennessee provided the best care. She drove her 19-year old daughter, whom she was unable … Continue reading

It Took Abandonment in Tennesee to Get State Help for Algonquin Young Adult with Development Disabilities

Yesterday I heard a brief story on WBBM radio that said Tennessee had passed a bill that would make abandonment of an adult child with developmental disabilities a felony. I’ve searched for reference to the legislation, but cannot find anything. … Continue reading

Woodstock Sheltered Village Resident Wins Federal Class Action Lawsuit for Less Restrictive Living Arrangements

Back in the 1990’s I was on the House Appropriations Committee before which the budget of the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities came. When Governor George Ryan took office, he named a former Director of McHenry County’s Pioneer … Continue reading

Long-Term vs. Community Care: Illinois Worst in USA in Serving Adults in Community Settings

When I was the Republican Spokesman on the Illinois House Appropriations Committee that handled the budget for the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, one of my goals was to get at least 50% of the money into community … Continue reading