Disney World Would be in Trouble, If It Was Located in Illinois

The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled that a person could sue Six Flags for requiring the submission of a fingerprint. Six Flags apparently uses similar technology to that of Disney, because its the entity that lost the suit. It’s been … Continue reading

Why the U.S. Attorney Wants to Keep George Ryan in Jail

This is a long one and for that I apologize. But I want to have the basics of the U.S. Attorney’s case against former Governor George Ryan on McHenry County Blog and this seemed a good way to put it … Continue reading

MCC Reacts to Loss of 4th Interim President to Disney World Land

Here is the college’s press release on the subject of Kathleen Plinske’s leaving to serve in a Florida community college: MCC INTERIM PRESIDENT ACCEPTS NEW POSITION [June 2, 2010.Crystal Lake, IL] McHenry County College wishes to announce that Kathleen Plinske, … Continue reading