District 300 Weighs In on Potential School Bus State Aid Cuts

A press release from School District 300: Proposed cut to transportation funding concerning to D300 community The State of Illinois provides “categories” of education funding to school districts, such as transportation special education bilingual education. The state mandates that the district … Continue reading

Mike Tryon: “What I Hear Everywhere Is, ‘We Want More Money.’ There Is No More Money.”

That comment by State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) pretty much summed up the District 300 Legislative Committee meeting at Jacobs High School Tuesday night. Tryon succinctly summarized the state’s financial situation at the end of the meeting in answer … Continue reading

District 300 Reminds of Legislative Forum Tonight at Jacobs High School

A note from District 300’s Allison Strupeck: This is a reminder that the D300 Legislative Reception is tonight (Jan. 22) in the commons area of Jacobs High School (2601 Bunker Hill Dr, Algonquin), as hosted by the D300 Board Legislative … Continue reading

District 300 Board and Teachers’ Union Ratify New Three-Year Contract

Below is a press release from District 300 about the ratification of the contract that came about after a one-day teachers strike. If you would like to read highlights I picked out of the over 100-page contract, including salary information … Continue reading

The New District 300 Teachers’ Contract – Highlights

Today, Carpentersville District 300 teachers were voting on whether to ratify the contract recently negotiated by the LEAD300 union folks and the school board. You can read the entire contract here, complete with red color to indicate last minute changes. … Continue reading

District 300 Strike Ended after One Day

A robo-call from District 300 Board member Joe Stevens tonight announced the settlement of the LEAD300 teachers union strike: “Good evening. This is Joe Stevens, member of the District 300 Board of Education and District spokesperson regarding the ongoing negotiations … Continue reading

District 300 Picket Sign Suggestions

A comment from a previous article included these emailed suggestions for picket signs: Hi all: Make signs at warming center on your breaks1. Students First, NOT ADM 2. $ 6 million WASTED on ADM per year 3. Teacher concessions $3.4 … Continue reading

District 300 Issues Summary of School Strike from Its Point of View

And, here it is: “The District 300 Board of Education and LEAD 300 negotiation teams met from 8 a.m. to approximately 4:45 p.m. today (Monday, Dec. 3), with the assistance of a federal mediator, to discuss outstanding contractual issues. The … Continue reading

District 300 Teachers Striking

Here’s the message from the teachers’ union’s bargaining committee: “LEAD 300 Members, “As of 3:15 pm this afternoon, LEAD 300 and the Board’s team have not been able to come to a suitable compromise on both Class Size and Compensation … Continue reading

District 300 Makes Final Offer

Here’s the first twelve pages of the District 300 School Board’s Final Office to it teachers union, called LEAD300.   If you want to read the whole 69-page document, here it is: Introduction and Summary of Final Offer The Board … Continue reading

District 300 Offer to Teachers That Was Rejected by Their Union

Here’s what’s on the District 300 web site: This synopsis is not inclusive of the full Board proposal, but attempts to highlight the major issues discussed during negotiations and recent mediation sessions. Elementary Class Size Proposal: The Board agrees with … Continue reading

District 300 Teachers’ Union Aims for October 19th

Strike votes are being taken at various schools in Carpentersville Unit School District 300. Teachers who wish to go on strike seem to be winning. In preparation, leadership is pointing to Friday, October 19th, as the day the picket lines … Continue reading

Mediator Requested in District 300 Teacher Union Negotiations

A joint statement from District 300 and its teacher union: Board and LEAD300 jointly request mediator in negotiations The negotiating teams for the D300 School Board and the D300 teachers’ union, known as LEAD300, have requested a third‐party mediator to … Continue reading

School District 300 Shows Its Taxeater Side in Opposing “Anti-Education” Tax Cap Limit

A press release from Carpentersville School District 300 [I have inserted some comments in brackets.] is below: D300 opposes Tax Cap Bill as “anti-public service” On Feb. 21, Senate Bill 2073 passed the Illinois House of Representatives including an amendment … Continue reading