Nunda Township Senior Services Audit Discussed in County Committee

For your information, here are McHenry County Finance Committee minutes concerning the Senior Services grant audit which Nunda Township and McHenry County have refused to release. Both used the excuse that the Freedom of Information Act allows “internal” audits to … Continue reading

Oakwood Hills Power Plant Meeting: All Dressed in Red and No Chance to Talk

A very short Oakwood Hills zoning meeting was held at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn Thursday evening to consider the siting of a gas-fired electric generating plant behind Village Hall. The length was dictated by the power plant applicant’s losing … Continue reading

Nunda Township Compensation over $75,000

There’s a new law that requires townships to publish the names and compensation for those receiving salary and benefits of $75,000 or over. Here is what I found for Nunda Township for the year ending March 31, 2013. To Nunda … Continue reading

Mary McClellan Endorsements for County Clerk

Hearing that State Rep. Barb Wheeler had endorsed McHenry County Board member Mary McClellan for County Clerk, I reached out for confirmation. Come to find out, it was easy to confirm because Wheeler’s name is right at the top of … Continue reading

Gonsiorek Might Get Slight Advantage from Being First on the Ballot

I’ve written a couple of times about how ballot order can affect election results. My views come from a paper I read while studying for my Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the University of Michigan. The study was of … Continue reading

Sandbag Helpers Still Needed in Nunda Township

A second message has come from Nunda Township Trustee Mike Shorten: “Thanks for the response yesterday. “Between efforts Wednesday and yesterday over 16,000 sand bags have been created, but the need is still great as the Fox River in not … Continue reading

Nunda Township Republicans Post Videos from Candidates’ Night

A press release from the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee: Nunda Republican Candidate Forum Video Now Online On February 13, 2013 the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee held a Candidate Forum at American Community Bank in McHenry. All of the … Continue reading

Rob Parrish Puts Up Web Site for Nunda Township Road Commissioner Campaign

A press release from rob Parrish, who is a candidate for Nunda Township Road Commissioner. He is runnhing against incumbent Don Kopsell and fellow challenger “Iron Mike” Lesperance. Rob Parrish announces the activation of his Campaign Website Crystal Lake –Rob … Continue reading

“Iron Mike” Leperance Announces Candidacy for Nunda Township Road Commissioner

A press release from “Iron Mike” Lesperance, one of three candidates for Nunda Township Road Commissioner. He and Rob Parrish are challenging incumbent Don Kopsell in the February Republican primary. “Iron Mike” Lesperance Running for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner After … Continue reading

Rob Parrish Running for Nunda Township Road Commissioner

A last name I’ve known since high school days is running for Nunda Township Road Commissioner against incumbent Don Kopsell and Mike Lesperance. Below is Rob Parrish’s announcement press release: Rob Parrish announces candidacy for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Crystal … Continue reading

Four-Way Race for Nunda Township Supervisor

I have given up trying to understand Nunda Township Republican politics. Township Supervisor John Heisler, a former McHenry County Board member, is being challenged by three people. Heisler, whose family’s name has been associated with Crystal Lake since his grandfather … Continue reading

Nunda Township Flag Pole, Planter Take Heat at Board Meeting

In the absence of Nunda Township Road Commissioner Donald Kopsell, Nunda Township Supervisor John Heisler and the Township Board expressed its displeasure with the expenditure of $6,500, plus labor, to install a tall flag pole and what appear to be … Continue reading

County Expands PACE Reach for Crystal Lake, McHenry and Woodstock Residents

Lack of inter-connectivity has always been the problem in delivering bus service to the suburbs.  To get from one town to the next, you had to be able to get from your home to the bus stop. During the 1974 … Continue reading

Team Nunda Uses Northwest Herald Insert as Last Shot

Slim advertising have apparently loosened standards for political inserts at the Northwest Herald. I can’t remember the campaign (one in the Cary area pops into my mind), but a former managing editor pledged that a political insert would no longer … Continue reading

Nunda Township Republicans Pamphlet Includes Endorsements

Not only Algonquin Township, but Nunda Township rolled out campaign literature at the Crystal Lake Expo. Both were found at the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee booth, which was right on the first aisle of the exhibition. The booth looked … Continue reading