Leist Throws Zinke Under the Bus

At the hearing yesterday on The First Electric Newspaper’s Pete Gonigam’s Freedom of Information suit against the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department, I’m told that former departmental Legal Counsel Donald Leist “threw [Andy] Zinke under the bus.” My source, who was … Continue reading

State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi Tells Judge He Fears Disbarment If He “Investigates, Indicts or Prosecutes” Sheriff Keith Nygren

Wednesday afternoon, Associate Judge Thomas Meyer heard testimony from McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi about the “conflict of interest” that Bianchi sees in representing Sheriff Keith Nygren in some seven suits and preparing 4-5 opinions and at the same … Continue reading

The Sheriff Gets His Own Attroney

Officially, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi is Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attorney. But the Sheriff has just hired a lawyer to be his Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. That position was created after the Sheriff’s department ended up on the wrong … Continue reading

“I’m Troubled,” Judge Thomas Meyer Says at Sheriff Nygren Special Prosecutor Trial

The argument advanced by former candidate for McHenry County Sheriff and Deputy Zane Seipler’s attorney Blake Horwitz that State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s refusal to investigate Sheriff Keith Nygren about anything seems to have struck a cord with Associate Judge Thomas … Continue reading

Sheriff Keith Nygren Dodges Political Bullet

Former Republican primary Sheriff’s candidate Zane Seipler’s attorney Schin Shah was in Judge Thomas A. Meyer’s courtroom yesterday morning. Shah was seeking a trial date prior to the election for consideration of Seipler’s request that a special prosecutor be appointed … Continue reading