Disappointment with League of Women Voters’ Senate Candidate Forum

When the six candidates running for the State Senate appeared at a forum conducted by the McHenry County League of Women Voters, I submitted a question which was not asked. It asked candidates if they would have another job while … Continue reading

Anti-Anna May Miller Piece Delivered

A post card pointed out that McHenry County Board member Anna May Miller is a “double dipper” has arrived in District 1 mail boxes. It was sent by McHenry County Republicans for Better Government, the same Political Action Committee that … Continue reading

Zinke Folks Reinforce Double Dipper Mailing with Robo-Call

A very short robo-call brought the double-dipper argument to people’s ears this afternoon. A man called saying that “Bill Prim will not” something or other. He talked about Prim’s $76,000 pension [compliments of Des Plaines taxpayers and not mentioning that … Continue reading

Double Dipper Accuses Double Dipper of Double Dipping

Those with long memories will remember when Pat Quinn, speaking for the Coalition of Political Honesty, released a list of “double dippers” each year. They were mainly machine Democrats. Lots of state legislators, township and municipal officials. When Quinn started … Continue reading

Bob Anderson Wins One – County Board Puts Anti-Double-Dipping Referendum on Ballot

Wonder Lake activist-barber Bob Anderson got a referendum on the November without having to go door-to-door. The question was on an issue upon which Governor Pat Quinn built his political career. Until he had to depend upon double-dippers to advance … Continue reading

School Supt. State Rep. Roger Eddy Throws Wrench at Jack Franks’ Tax Cap Bill

No doubt which side of the taxpayer Downstate Republican State Representative Roger Eddy is on. It’s not the taxpayers’. This is the legislator who wanted to loosen the Real Estate Tax Cap in the early 2000’s in order to allow … Continue reading

Pam Fender’s First Day at Work

I wasn’t there when Grafton Township Trustee Betty Zirk and double-dipping Huntley Village Trustee Pam Fender, the new $35,000 (plus about $15,000 in health benefits) “Township Administrator” hired to supplant the-woman-blamed-for-stopping-the-$5-million-new-township-hall, elected Township Supervisor Linda Moore, walked into Moore’s office, … Continue reading