Was Miller Employee Paid on Day He Picked Up Campaign Signs?

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township Road District -Cooked books over a vacation day? BY KIRK ALLEN ON JANUARY 11, 2019 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Payroll records for Doug Helman of the Algonquin Township Road District reflect something quite … Continue reading

Pointing to Algonquin Township Road District Payroll Spiking to Increase Pension Bases Under Bob Miller

Published by Illinois Leaks and republished with permission. Algonquin Township Road District – Why taxpayers may have to pay for a very long time BY KIRK ALLEN ON MAY 28, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) – The Algonquin Township Road District … Continue reading

Friend of Bob Miller Rakes in $24,712.50 in Addition to Salary at Algonquin Township Highway Department

It paid well for Algonquin Township Road District employee Douglas Helman to be a friend of his boss, Highway Commissioner Bob Miller. In addition to his salary, Helman received $24,712.50 in so-called miscellaneous income from the beginning of 2013 until … Continue reading

Most Recent Compensation for Algonquin Township’s Highest Paid

Friday McHenry County Blog published the salary and pension information for Algonquin Township as seen on Open the Books. Thinking that there might be more recent information, a commenter looked at the compensation reported on the township’s web site. Required … Continue reading

Algonquin Township’s Highest Salaries

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog published the compensation of those in Nunda Township who have total compensation of more than $75,000. Today, you can read that information for Algonquin Township. If you would like to compare the highest paid folks in … Continue reading