Nunda Township Road Commissioner Spends $11,000 on Ditch Complaint

Shortly after taking office, Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance started digging on easements on Garden Lane and Running Iron Drive. It was in violation of not one, but two parts of the McHenry County Stormwater Manatement Ordinance. Changing the … Continue reading

Citizen Gets Answer to Nunda Township Highway Commissioner’s Legal Exenses – $6-7,000

Arriving a bit late at the Nunda Township Annual Meeting, I was told I had not missed much. No controversy with adjournment less than a half an hour after the meeting began. The monthly meeting of the township board was … Continue reading

Nunda Township Open Space Proponents Out Poll Opponents on Fall Advisory Referendum on Repeal

Thanks to a friend of McHenry County Blog, I can offer the following take on what happened at Nunda Township’s Annual Town Meeting: I thought I’d fill you in on the outcome of the Nunda Township Annual Meeting. Aside from … Continue reading

Nunda Township Republican Party Chairman Recommends Putting Referendum to Repeal Open Space Plan on Fall Ballot

Nunda Township resident Gerry Walsh gained a powerful ally when Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman supported putting the tax fighter’s advisory referendum on the fall ballot. “At this meeting there will be a vote by a show of hands for all … Continue reading

Republican Turnout in Nunda Township

Earlier I figured out the percentage turnout of Republican voters for Algonquin Township and Grafton Township. All parts of the three townships had contested primaries for Republican county board seats. Nunda Township also had a hotly contested Republican county board … Continue reading

Nunda Electors Seeks Nunda Township Advisory Referendum on Repeal of Open Space Plan

There could be some local action on open space at the Nunda Township Annual Meeting. Township tax fighters Gerry Walsh, Republican Committeeman Bob Borchert, Doug Mann, and former Republican County Board candidate Craig Steagall have filed the following petition seeking … Continue reading

Nunda Township Rejects Petition Call for Special Meeting

In August and September, McHenry County Blog reported on Jerry Walsh’s and William Douglas Mann’s petition attempt to call a special Nunda Township meeting called to obtain a referendum to repeal the Nunda Township Open Space Plan. A press release … Continue reading

Petition Being Passed to Repeal Nunda Township Open Space Plan

Tax fighters Gerry Walsh and Doug Mann have launched a campaign to gather enough signatures to call a township meeting to consider calling a referendum to repeal the Nunda Township Open Space Plan. Walsh’s opposition to tax hikes goes back … Continue reading