Blackface – Then and Now

All the blackface stories have brought back memories from my childhood in Easton, Maryland. Easton was a segregated town of about 5,000 people where my father was chosen in an uncontested special election as President of the Town Council when … Continue reading

Memories of Desegregation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland – Part 2

Two counties, Talbot and Kent County, are almost next to each other, separated by Queen Anne’s County, the one into which the Chesapeake Bay Bridge has its eastern terminus. They took different paths in implementing the Supreme Court’s desegregation order. … Continue reading

Memories of Attending a Segregated School in Easton, Maryland – Part 1

I got into a conversation at the First United Methodist Church about Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad heroine from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, from when my family and I come. It bought back all sorts of memories of walking … Continue reading