Concerning Secret Recordings of Public Officials Legality, Rhode Island Catches Up to Illinois

Rhode Island caught up with Illinois Monday when a Federal Judge ruled that the First Amendment allows individuals to video police officers and other public officials with getting their permission. MassLive wrote that the cases in question “involved defendants who … Continue reading

Paul Simon Family Escapes Unscathed from Sponsorship of Unconstitutional Law

It never ceases to surprise me that the mainstream media ignores the sponsor of the eavesdropping bill recently held unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court. It was sponsored by Lt. Governor Shiela Simon’s mother, Jeanne Hurley Simon. The bill was … Continue reading

Cross, Gaffney, Schmitz Vote Against Easing Recording Prohibition

I have written how reformer State Rep. Jeanne Hurley got snookered into sponsoring a bill in 1957 to prohibit reporters like Jack Mabley from using tape recordings of legislative corruption. Hurley married Paul Simon and is Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon’s … Continue reading

Of Eavesdropping and Irony at the Paul Simon Institute

Maybe I should just re-run this article entitled, “Manipulating a Reformer,” about how Jeanne Hurley, future bride of Paul Simon and mother of Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon, sponsored and co-sponsored House Bill 1210 in 1957 to tighten eavesdropping laws … Continue reading

Ancel Glink’s March Bill for Grafton Township – Part 2

Let’s tiptoe through the Grafton Township Attorney’s legal billing for the month of March, 2010. Because it’s so long—14 pages totaling $36,432.14—I’ll break it up for you so your eyes won’t glaze over. Or at least they’ll have to glaze … Continue reading

Chicago Pakistani Native Taxi Driver Arrested for Discussing August Stadium Terrorist Attack

The following press release arrived from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago: CHICAGO MAN CHARGED WITH PROVIDING MATERIAL SUPPORT TO AL QAEDA BY ATTEMPTING TO SEND FUNDS OVERSEAS CHICAGO — A Chicago man who claims to be acquainted with an … Continue reading

Manipulating a Reformer

Ever hear of Roland Libonati? He was a state senator while Jeanne Hurley (then) Simon was state representative from Evanston. Libonati later became a member of Congress representing the west side of Chicago. I met him in the Springfield train … Continue reading