Crystal Lake TIF Monuments Cost $16,000 Each – Cost Updated/Corrected Downward

The first one I saw was near Pizza Hut. What was it? It looked like it belonged in a cemetery. Friday, I learned city officials actually call them “monuments.” On the monuments is the Crystal Lake City emblem or symbol: … Continue reading

TORA – Ticket to Re-Election

The petitions for re-election are being circulated for Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and Council members Cathy Ferguson, Ellen Brady Mueller and Brett Hopkins. And, just in time for the campaign, there is an election kick-off party that required the … Continue reading

Grafton Township Edifice Complex Alive and Well

At last Thursday night’s meeting of the Grafton Township Board, Township Administrator Pam Fender presented a real estate listing for the old R & R Metal Craft Building at 11012 N. Blakley Street in Huntley. (Near the library and village … Continue reading