The Teachers’ Union Role in the Pension Shortfall

You will perhaps remember my writing that when a Governor presents his education budget it comes in three parts: higher education k-12 pensions In the 1990’s (at least) the IFT (Illinois Federation  of Teachers) and IEA (Illinois Education Association) lobbyists … Continue reading

State Aid to Education – 1974 Reset

In my first session in the Illinois House of Representatives high school teacher Gene Hoffman sponsored the Resource Equalizer State Aid to Education Formula. It passed and I voted for it. The premise was one that property-rich districts found unacceptable. … Continue reading

Teacher Union President Starts New Round of Big Lie on Educational Funding

Dan Montgomery, President of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, has brought out the hoary bromide that Illinois school districts are among “the worst funded in the nation.” That is factually incorrect. This myth is built upon the fact that Illinois … Continue reading

Quinn Axes a School Subsidy Program That Should Never Have Existed

One of the cuts made by Governor Pat Quinn was $15.7 million for a so-called “Hold Harmless” provision in the State Aid to Education formula. He get my praise because the program resulted in giving money to school districts to … Continue reading