CL Grade School District Has Three Write-In Candidates

Strange that there would be two empty slots on the Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 Board. It levies about one-third of the taxes in Crystal Lake. Three people have filed as write-ins to join the two announced candidates. The … Continue reading

Crystal Lake District 47 Grade School Board Has Three New Members

Just like McHenry County College, Elementary School 47’s Board has a major infusion of new blood. Virginia Visin retired. Incumbents Rob Routzahn and Ruth Scifo ran for re-election. Pretty similar to the MCC Board of Trustees’ contest. A former principal, … Continue reading

Post Card Mailing on Behalf of Donna Ricci and Eileen Palsgrove for Crystal Lake Grade School Board

In my precinct letter, I characterized the incumbent slate as those already on the District 47 Board of Education, plus Betsy Les, a retired principal. The other two on the ballot qualified as “outsiders,” in my view. Here is a … Continue reading

District 47 Grade School Board Picks Rob Fetzner to Replace Lisa Knoeppel

Twelve people applied to replace Lisa Knoeppel on the Crystal Lake Elementary School Board. Thursday night, after an Executive (that is, secret) session, the consensus was that Robert Fetzner would do the best job. The board voted to select him. … Continue reading