Effort to Force Teaching of LBGT History Starting in Elementary School Co-Sponsored by McHenry County Republican Steve Andersson

House Bill 5596, a bill promoted on the front page of Saturday’s Chicago Tribune is co-sponsored by Republican Steve Anderesson, who represents McHenry County in the Huntley Sun City area. Anderson, one of the few Republican House members to support … Continue reading

Grade School Tax Rates

Cary Grade School 26 Board President Scott Coffey, inspired by the paraprofessionals’ demonstration in McHenry Tuesday, racked up the tax rates for all McHenry County elementary schools. I think his research is worth sharing more broadly: D-15 has the 2nd … Continue reading

Municipalities Cut Tax Take! Fire Protection Districts Cut Even More! Libraries, Sanitary Districts Flat

Real estate tax bills being sent out in McHenry County this year will total $783,689,437.41 this spring. That compares with $773,325,977.50 a year ago. That’s an increase of 1.34%, which those with good memories will recall is less than the … Continue reading