Human Trafficking Coalition of Northern Illinois Meeting July 23rd

Patriots United featured human trafficking at its annual breakfast this spring. A working group gathered earlier this year. The second meeting will be held July 23rd at the Office of Administer Justice. It is located at 1750 Grandstand Place #15, … Continue reading

Johnsburg’s 1st Way Life Center Raising Money for Ultrasound Machine, Almost All Fathers Who See Baby Urge Mother Not to Abort

Saturday night in Spring Grove, a banquet was held to raise money to buy an ultrasound machine for 1st Way Pregnancy Support Services. In the fight against abortion, ultrasound images of unborn babies have been found to be the most … Continue reading

Operators of Elgin’s Blackjacks Gentlemen’s Club and Internet Gambling Sites Accused of Tax Evasion

Those involved with the so-called Gentleman’s Club in Elgin have run into Internal Revenue Service problems, as you can see from the press release below. So, Grafton Township is not the only local entity with Federal tax problems. Grafton Township’s … Continue reading

Owner of Nick’s Pizza Laments that Overbuilding and Overspending May Force Closure Unless Fans Return in Coming Month

This email from Nick Sarillo, owner of Nick’s Pizza in Crystal Lake and Elgin, explains his corporation’s financial problems and asks for customers to come in over the next month to help keep it open. Nick’s, I am sure most … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Court Reporter Fail

I was looking at the transcript of the Elgin hearing conducted by Barbara Flynn Currie and her reapportionment committee. Here’s testimony that had me laughing out loud: MR. PEICKERT: I’m Bob Peickert, P-e-i-c-k-e-r-t. I’m a resident of Elmhurst and the … Continue reading

Prairie Grove Grade School Board Member Appointed Elgin’s Director of Financial Operations

Elgin Unit School District 46 is the second largest in Illinois. Only Chicago is larger. Its relatively long term Chief Financial Officer John Prince went off to Plainfield and was replaced by McHenry County College’s finance guy Ron Ally. He … Continue reading

Flex Fuel – Using Ethanol and Methanol in Cars

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Steve Huntley had a thought provoking piece a weed ago Tuesday. It’s called Fuel Choice and is promoted by a group called Set America Free. The pitch is that Congress should mandate that a significant portion of … Continue reading