County Postponing the Condemnation Vote

The McHenry County Board has a vote coming up that conservationists are watching. It is whether to condemn sensitive property just north of Island Lake in order to construct a roundabout. The vote was supposed to have happened already, but … Continue reading

McHenry County’s Very Junior College Continues to Lack Transparency

There are two items on the agenda of the McHenry County College Board’s 6:30 meeting tonight, but we citizens aren’t good enough to see the board packet items under consideration. Any hope that this board will be more transparent than … Continue reading

McHenry County College Signals Condemnation of Neighboring Property

On the agenda for this Thursday night’s meeting of the McHenry County College Board of Trustees is a resolution concerning condemnation. Can’t, that is, don’t want to, let the public in on the details, so first the Board is scheduled … Continue reading

Fleming Road’s New Protection Celebration Saturday at 1

The sign invites people to the Fleming Road Alliance’s 1 PM Saturday Celebration. The following press release found in a McHenry County email explains a celebration being held Saturday afternoon by those who don’t want county government to turn Fleming … Continue reading