Oakwood Hills Shares Host Agreement with Gas-Fired Electric Generating Plant Developers

Before a community can site an electric generating plant, the prospective host community must agree to a “host community agreement.” It contains pertinent details of the arrangement. Pursuant to a Freedom of Information request, McHenry County Blog has obtained the … Continue reading

Oakwood Hills Gas-Fired Generating Plant Developer Notifies Local Officials

The Oakwood Hills Energy Center developers mailed letters to local officials on July 1st about its proposal to build a 430-megawatt electric generating facility behind the Oakwood Hills Village Hall. It is being promoted as a backup for windmills when … Continue reading

Oakwood Hills Energy Center Project Unveiled

Last week, McHenry County Blog revealed that the Village of Oakwood Hills has again been negotiating with those wishing to build a gas-fired electric generating plant. When such plants were first on the county news pages in the late 1990’s, … Continue reading

Oakwood Hills Again Negotiating for Gas-Powered Electric Generating Plant

Oakwood Hills is a residential village between Cary and Prairie Grove with about 2,000 people. There is no commercial district to provide sales taxes, so property taxes, state income tax and Motor Fuel Tax revenue sharing, plus vehicle stickers provide … Continue reading

Freedom of Information Requests Reveal Peaker Plant Promoters Terminated Oakwood Hills Project in July

In early September, I was told that a gas-fired peaker plant was being considered in Oakwood Hills. That’s when I filed my first Freedom of Information request with Oakwood Hills asking for “all documents concerning any peaker plant that is … Continue reading

Oakwood Hills’ Documents Show Electric Generating Peaker Plant Proceeding Apace

For some reason, the above scene from the Wizard of Oz came to mind when I read the most recent reply to my most recent Freedom of Information requests the Village of Oakwood Hills. What was it the Wizard said? … Continue reading

Oakwood Hills Peaker Plant Would Draw Water from Same Ironton-Galesville Sandstone Aquifer Cary Uses

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog ran a story about a possible gas-fired electric generating plant in Oakwood Hills. Envisioned by Enventure Partners, the peaker plant would draw water from two 1380-foot wells are envisioned to pull 2,200 gallons per minute out … Continue reading

Firm Planning Peaker Plant in Oakwood Hills

The Village of Oakwood Hills is under considered for a site for a gas turbine electric generating plant. Here’s what McHenry County Blog has found: an option running through March of 2014 has been been signed to purchase the property … Continue reading