The CL Expo

Saturday I went to the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Expo to see what things political were there. Right off the bat I saw McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi. I figure that means he is running for re-election in … Continue reading

Looking at Things Political at the McHenry Expo

There were three places to take pictures of things political Saturday: Patriots United Breakfast featuring Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk at D’Andrea’s McHenry Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo< at West High School/li> McHenry County Republican Party’s Lincoln Themed Dinner at … Continue reading

Former Supervisor Puts Bill Prim in “Top Echelon in Law Enforcement Knowledge & Abilities”

A press release from the Bill Prim for Sheriff committee: BILL PRIM FOR SHERIFF ENDORSEMENT My name is Charles Hiscock. I’ve worked closely with Bill Prim in both investigative and intelligence work and have found him to be a tell-it-like-it-is person … Continue reading

Nunda Township GOP Snags Politicos for Celebrity Cook Fund Raiser

Under Brent Smith’s leadership, the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee has held the first of its monthly meetings. There was even a commemorative cake. Now, Nunda Township Republicans are rolling out a fund raising raffle, the prize for which will … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Body Language

The Democratic Party’s candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, Mike Mahon, had the last booth at the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. That’s the route Sheriff Keith Nygren, again at the Expo Sunday, as he was Saturday, took to … Continue reading

Churches at Business Expo

With its being Palm Sunday weekend, the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Business Expo was perfectly timed for churches. Lots of people go to church, at least on Christmas and Easter. Lots of Protestant churches had booths. Now, that I … Continue reading

Weekend Political Action at Crystal Lake Expo

Saturday there was no doubt that the political action hot spot in McHenry County was the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Expo. The Algonquin and Nunda Townships’ Republican activists staffed a booth where the head of the Algonquin Township Central … Continue reading

Algonquin/Lake in the Hills Expo Finds Democratic Candidate Mike Mahon Next to McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s Booth

Just a coincidence, I’m sure. = = = = = Thanks to a friend of McHenry County Blog for having sharp eyes for irony and a camera.  Naturally, I was in my Algonquin Township Precinct 7 in Crystal Lake and … Continue reading