County Board to Distribute Left Over Grant Money

The McHenry County Board is set to distribute $70,516.24 in unallocated Community Development Block Grant money and $34,415.24 in unallocated Community Development and Housing Grant funds at its meeting on Tuesday. You can see the recommendations of the Community Development … Continue reading

Money Problems at Family Alliance

Minutes from the February 10, 2016, meeting of the McHenry County Board’s Public Health Committee reveal that Family Alliance has financial problems: Ms. Kim Larson joined the committee members as she was requested, to come before the committee to provide … Continue reading

Dick Tracy Wrist Radio Technology Launching Thursday in McHenry County

The idea of a wrist radio transmitter to help find missing people will become a reality starting April 2nd. Soon-to-be elected (because she is unopposed) Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore re-surfaced the concept last year. Her Huntley precinct contains much … Continue reading