Info on 708 Mental Health & Algonquin Township Boards

Two local Republican Precinct Committeemen bloggers, Andrew Gasser and Larry Emery, wrote articles recently about areas of their interest. Gasser, from Fox River Grove, wrote an article entitled, “McHenry County Taxpayers Left Holding the Family Services $1.4 Million Dollar Loan?“ … Continue reading

Foreclosure Action on Family Services Building

A friend of McHenry County Blog found the following public notice. Wade through the verbiage and you will see it is about the Family Service Agency that went belly up. One would wonder if the McHenry County 708 Mental Health … Continue reading

Andrew Gasser Probes Background of Bob Martens, Tina Hill’s Choice to Replace Sandy Salgado on Public Health Committee

With McHenry County Chairwoman Tina Hill labeling Sandra Salgado’s service on the the Public Health and Human Services Committee “The Epitome of Conflict of Interest,” Fox River Grove Republican Precinct Committeeman has written a story entitled, “The Epitome of Conflict … Continue reading

New County Ethics Commission Members Proposed

The current McHenry County Ethics Commission has three members whose terms are expiring: Walter J. Packard, former McHenry County College President, who is now retired with a golden parachute Robert Blaizer, recently retired Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Exec and … Continue reading