Pols Missing the McHenry Parade

Democrats have gotten a lot of publicity in running County Board and countywide candidates for office. And replacing them when their first choices dropped out. McHenry has one of five pretty much “must appear” parades. The only Democrat with a … Continue reading

Pols on Parade in McHenry – Part 1

Or I could entitle this, “My very hot Sunday at the Fiesta Days Parade.” It started at a reception for Congressman Randy Hultgren hosted by Perry Moy, the owner of Plum Garden. Touring the room, I found lots of Republican … Continue reading

Democrats Parading Again in McHenry

McHenry County Democrats had a healthy contingent in Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade. They plan a repeat performance Sunday in McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade. Somehow, I don’t think they will draw their U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias again. But, … Continue reading

Still More Republicans at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade

This is the third article about the entries of Democratic and Republican Party in McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade. The first concentrated on the Democrats. What I have been concentrating on is Algonquin’s Founders Day Committee’s attempt to maintain what it … Continue reading