Republicans Dominate CL Indpendence Day Parade – Part 3

As an intermission between Republican politicians, the Allegiance Color Guard from Dundee came marching by. Horses pulling a stage coach also added interest. A necessary component of any parade with horses is a place to put any horse apples. The … Continue reading

Seven McHenry County Fire Departments Help Put Out Massive Burlington Egg Processing Plant Fire

When I heard that Illinois fire departments were helping put out the fire in Burlington, Wisconsin, I figured some would be from our area.  (Here’s the Chicago Tribune article.) Burlington is one of the places where my father used to … Continue reading

Lakewood Moving Fire Protection from Private Company to Woodstock Fire Protection District

Four years ago negotiations broke down between the City of Crystal Lake and the Village of Lakewood concerning fire protection. Crystal Lake officials insisted that Lakewood residents pay an amount calculated by using the tax rate Crystal Lake residents pay. … Continue reading