Destructive Mowing on Fleming Road by the McHenry County Department of Transportaton

If one believed in conspiracies in McHenry County, one might think the gouging of the grass along parts of Fleming Road was deliberate. There certainly could be motive for McDOT’s defacing the shoulders along the stretch of scenic rural highway. … Continue reading

Fleming Road Update – Meeting of Citizens with McDOT

I’ve been dropping the ball in keeping people update on what is happening regarding Fleming Road. After hearing the comments of County Board candidates who have personally dealt with the McHenry County Department of Transportation, I believe residents need more … Continue reading

Diane Evertsen Tells of Influence Citizens Had on Fleming Road Outcome

The following email was sent to members of the Fleming Road Alliance, who managed to convince McHenry County Board members to support their position of improving the road within the current footprint: “Please allow me to thank you for your … Continue reading

County Board Gives Fleming Road Alliance Victory

A message from the Fleming Road Alliance about their McHenry County Board victory: Dear Fleming Road Alliance Residents and Supporters: By now you probably have read the Herald article on the meeting yesterday, and received Diane Evertsen’s email thanking you … Continue reading

Fleming Road Folks Worried about “Massaging the Dirt”

Another email to the County Board, this time about “contractor discretion.” To: Ken Koehler, Chair, McHenry County Board; County Board Members From: Fleming Road Alliance Re: Update on Fleming Road Alliance Position on Improvements for Fleming Road. Dear County Board … Continue reading

96% of Fleming Road Owned by Adjoining Property Owners

The Fleming Road Alliance reveals that 96% of Fleming Road is on private property in this email to county board members: To: Ken Koehler, Chair, McHenry County Board; County Board Members, From: Fleming Road Alliance, Re: Update on Fleming Road … Continue reading

Fleming Road Dedicated as a Scenic Drive

Saturday Fleming Road was dedicated as a Scenic Drive. First there was a Pledging of Allegiance to the Flag. Speaking at the event was District 5 McHenry County Board member Tina Hill, who read Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled,” … Continue reading

Fleming Road’s New Protection Celebration Saturday at 1

The sign invites people to the Fleming Road Alliance’s 1 PM Saturday Celebration. The following press release found in a McHenry County email explains a celebration being held Saturday afternoon by those who don’t want county government to turn Fleming … Continue reading

Have Fleming Road Landowners Found a New Way to Defend Fight “Improvement” of Road?

The following came in an email from The Land Conservancy of McHenry County. From what little knowledge I have of Fleming Road, it is an extraordinary drive through the hills left by the retreating glacier. Residents of the area fear … Continue reading

Defenders Invite Public to Friday Workshop on How to Make Impact on Transportation Planning

With McHenry County government planning major changes on Alden and Fleming Roads, along with other road building, the McHenry County Environmental Defenders is promoting a workshop to teach citizens how to be dangerous. The invitation follows: You’re invited to this … Continue reading

Fleming Road Alliance Seek Petition Passers & Signers

What’s the Fleming Road Alliance up to?  Take a look below: From: Fleming Road Alliance <> Subject: Fwd: Petition for Fleming Road To: Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 7:51 PM Hello Fleming Road Alliance Members and Supporters, Many of … Continue reading