Federal Judge Refuses to Stop McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Referendum

The coalition of Democrats and Independents supporting a continued independent McHenry Township lost in Federal Court Friday when Judge Frederick Kapala agreed with the reasoning of Township Attorney James Militello III. The decision is below: ORDER Plaintiffs’ motion for temporary … Continue reading

Federal Judge Plans to Issue Written Opinion on McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Opponents’ Suit

Federal Circuit Court Judge Frank Kapala heard arguments for and against holding a referendum in November calling for consolidating the McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township. That would put the five members of the Township Board in control of the … Continue reading

Details of the Judge’s Decision in Scott Milliman Case – The Zane Seipler Deposition

This is part of Judge Frederick Kapala’s decision against former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman’s in his suit for wrongful termination. Milliman’s Deposition in the Seipler Case Seven years later, on November 23, 2010, Milliman testified at a deposition … Continue reading

Greg Pyle Get 50 Years for Sexual Abuse of His Under 12-Year Old Son

After a gut-wrenching victim’s impact statement by Gregory Pyle’ ex-wife, the former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergent was sentenced to fifty years in prison Wednesday by Federal Judge Frederick Kapala. Pyle had asked for a sentence of thirty-five years. He is … Continue reading

Zane Seipler Gets Permission to Dismiss His Wrongful Termination Suit against Sheriff Keith Nygren, et al

At the League of Women Voters’ Candidates’ Forum, County Board candidate Zane Seipler held up loose leaf notebooks the contents of which apparently will not be shared with the public. If you have been wondering, as I have, what’s up … Continue reading

Milliman Case Against Nygren, Zinke, et al, Goes Slowly

Former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman was in Federal Court yesterday, where his attorney, Thomas Crooks, did some fencing with Sheriff Keith Nygren’s representative from the James Sotos law firm, Amy P. Engerman. With Magistrate Judge P. Michael Mahoney’s … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Suit against Zane Seipler & Other Sheriff’s Deputies Dismissed

This is decision by Federal Court Judge Frederick Kapala concerning a wrongful death suit by a man killed during a call by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. On a 2006 Wonder Lake domestic dispute call, then-Deputy Zane Seipler shot a … Continue reading

Fox River Grove Castle Owner Wins Federal Suit Against Neighbor Who Took License Plate Numbers and Looked Them Up

Michael Strohl, owner of the castle in Fox River Grove, sued a complaining neighbor across the street named Diana Durso in Federal Court in September, 2011. His complaint is that she took about fifty license plate numbers and had someone … Continue reading

Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Greg Pyle Pleads Guilty to One Count of One Count of Sex with a Person Less than 12 Years Old

Federal Judge Frederick Kapala accepted a plea of guilty from former McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Gregory Pyle to a charge of crossing a state line with the intent to engage in a sexual act with a person who had … Continue reading

Greg Pyle’s Plea Agreement Date Rolled Over Again

Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle has been indicted by the U.S. Attorney for one count of sex with a person less than 12 years old two counts of sexual exploitation of children This was reported by McHenry County … Continue reading

Ailing Attorney Postpones Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle’s Plea Agreement

Today former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle was in the Rockford Federal Courtroom of Frederick Kapala A week ago, his lawyer showed, but Pyle didn’t. His attorney announced that a plea agreement was in the works. The Judge allowed … Continue reading

Greg Pyle Cutting Deal with Feds

Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle is not stranger to Federal Judge Frederick Kapala. He was called as a witness in now-again-former, then McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination suit.  Pyle did not answer questions then. After … Continue reading

Should Sheriff Keith Nygren Have Known that Retaliatory Action Based on Deputy Scott Milliman’s Deposition Testimony Was Unconstitutional?

That headline pretty much summarizes the final question Federal Judge Frederick Kapala had to decide in whether or not to dismiss former McHenry County Sheriff Deputy Scott Milliman’s wrongful termination suit. The Judge points out it had to determine “whether … Continue reading

Violation of First Amendment Allowed in Scott Milliman’s Wrongful Termination Case

While half of Scott Milliman’s court case counts were dismissed by Federal Judge Frederick Kapala, three remain. Two are based on unconstitutional violations of former McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman’s rights of free speech under the First Amendment. To … Continue reading

Scott Milliman’s Wrongful Termination Case Against Sheriff Keith Nygren Alive and Kicking

Federal District Court Judge Fredrick Kapala refused to dismiss a second case brought by two men fired by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren, this time the one brought by Scott Milliman. Milliman was fired by Nygren for testifying in a … Continue reading

Motion for Sanctions Legal Fees & Costs Set at $260,156 for Zane Seipler

Sheriff Keith Nygren’s motion for legal fees to be paid by Deputy Zane Seipler in his wrongful termination suit total $227,905. There is an addition $32, 252.16 in “costs and expenses” for the contempt of court hearings. Judge Frederick Kapala … Continue reading

Sheriff Keith Nygren Fails to Get Zane Seipler’s Wrongful Termination Suit Tossed, Seipler Assessed Attorney’s Fees

That’s what I read from the following summary of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attorney James Sotos’ attempt to obtain dismissal of Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination suit. This case involves a dispute between plaintiff, Zane Seipler, and defendants, … Continue reading

Source Document – Zane Seipler’s Argument that His Case Shouldn’t Be Dismissed for Contempt of Court

A bit more than a month ago Rockford Federal Judge Frederick Kapala gave McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attorney James Sotos and re-instated Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler (who had the audacity to challenge Nygren in the GOP primary after being … Continue reading