How to Solve the Sun City Property Tax Inequities

As the sponsor of the overlapping tax district bill in 1973, I think there may be a way to tweak it to make sure what happened in Sun City won’t happen again. A weighted average is now used. That works, … Continue reading

Where to Go on Spring Vacation

Having examined the plane fares to Florida, the three Skinners certainly are not flying south. So, the question is where we can drive? Should we go to a water park in the Wisconsin Dells, Rockford (as some Wisconsin State Senators … Continue reading

Two NIU Cars in Galena Territory Day Girl’s Body Found

David Bachmann writes the blog entitled “Dirty Harry vs. Dirty Keith” strays from his criticism of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren today. He lives in Galena Territory and has a handy camera to take photos of those visiting the place…at … Continue reading