Fox River Grove Approves Slot Machines

With slot machine salesmen and liquor licensees urging the Fox River Grove Village Board to legalize what proponents like to call “video poker,” the Board complied on a 6-0 vote. Frank Gumma, owner, Ideal Gaming, Inc., East Dundee, made the … Continue reading

Legislative Update from St. Rep. Mike Tryon

An email from Mike Tryon about the next-to-the-last week in Springfield: Key legislation was debated and voted on last week in the General Assembly. Here is an update of some of the more noteworthy items: Bill to Curb use of … Continue reading

20% Increase in Gambling Yields Only 2.1% More for State Aid to Education, Des Plaines Casino Cannibalizes Nearby Illinois and Indiana Competitors

The money lost at casinos in Illinois has increase over 20%, but money going to State Aid to Education is up only 2.1%. One reason is that Illinois has a graduated income tax based on calendar years. Because Des Plaines … Continue reading

Slot Machines in Crystal Lake: No, No, No, No, No, No, Who Am I To Judge?

An informal discussion was held Tuesday night by the Crystal Lake City Council about whether to allow slot machines (“video poker,” if you favor the idea) in town After presentations by two gambling machine purveyors, City Council members expressed a … Continue reading

Family PAC Endorses Nick Provenzano for McHenry County Board

I’ve seen Personal PAC, the rabidly pro-abortion Political Action Committee endorse McHenry County Board candidates, but I have never seen a statewide Pro-Life group do the same. Paul Caprio, Executive Director of Family PAC has written a letter of endorsement … Continue reading

The Senate Roll Call on the Gambling Expansion Bill

Monday, the Illinois Senate passed Senate Bill 744 by a vote of 30 to 27 with two voting “Present.” The Senate roll call follows. The roll call by state representatives and an explanation of the bill can be found here. … Continue reading

Massive Gambling Bill Passes with a Little Help from a McHenry County Friend

And who is that friend who voted for a casino in Chicago and many other places? State Rep. Mark Beaubien (R-Barrington Hills). The 65-50-2 vote roll call is below: In McHenry County State Representatives Jack Franks and Mike Tryon voted, … Continue reading

How Social Conservatives Won the McHenry County Board Video Slot Machine Fight

It’s been a couple of weeks since the McHenry County Board bucked Chairman Ken Koehler, State Senator Pam Althoff, State Rep. Mike Tryon and those who stand to gain financially from placement of video poker machines in local taverns and … Continue reading

Video Slot Machine Vote Tuesday

Leaves are still waiting to be raked this last week that my Village of Lakewood picks them up, so I won’t be in Woodstock for the McHenry County Board meeting vote on video slot machines. Proponents, of course, will describe … Continue reading

The McHenry County Board’s Gambling Debate – Part 3

This is the fourth article on Tuesday’s gambling debate at the McHenry County Board. Click to find who voted how and for Part 1 and Part 2. Having failed to alter the agenda to allow a Tuesday up or down … Continue reading

The McHenry County Board’s Gambling Debate – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog published a little of the unfocused situation surrounding the county board’s debate on gambling, as well as the roll call showing who was up for election this time around. Today, I’m going to tell you what … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Methodists Note County Slot Machine Hearing

When the Illinois General Assembly was first debating legalizing casinos in 1992, Methodist Bishop R. Sheldon Duecker led the fight against them. In Minnesota in 2005, Bishop Sally Dyck took to the airwaves  in paid ads to oppose a state-run … Continue reading

Coming to a Gas Station and Convenience Store Near Us

As we were on our vacation to the Intermountain West the last part of June, my family was amused at my taking photos of gambling signs and machines. Look at the difference in the British Petroleum gas station sign in … Continue reading