$9,150 Donated to McHenry High School Tax Hike Committee from Car Dealers, Potential Vendors and Teachers Union

On Tuesday, the McHenry High School Tax Hike Committee, calling itself the McHenry District 156 Vote YES for Lower Taxes and Better Schools, scored $9,150 more in campaign contributions. Here is where they came from $2,000 – Sunnyside Company [Chrysler, … Continue reading

Franks Picks Up More Union Money

Sunday seems to be a popular day for Jack Franks to file information about big contributions with the Illinois State Board of Elections. Yesterday he reported $5,000 from the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters…based in Chicago, of course. Shouldn’t be … Continue reading

Recognizing Police, Fire & Military at the Johnsburg Parade on 9-11

The next the last parade this year in McHenry County was in the Saufen und Spiel one in Johnsburg on Sunday, 9-11. As usual police and fire vehicles were in front. Next were Johnsburg Police Chief and I’m assuming an … Continue reading

Operation Click Awards New Cars at Sears Centre

Sadly, Operation Click has outgrown the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn. 40,000 high school students from Harvard to Champaign were involved this year. I so enjoyed the award ceremony two years ago when Cary-Grove High School’s Kate McNamee won. Happily, the … Continue reading