Craig Wilcox Kicks Off Fall State Senate Campaign with Bull Valley Golf Club Fundraiser

Hosted by Gary Rabine at the Bull Valley Golf Club, State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox kicked off his fall campaign Thursday night. Rabine characterized Wilcox as the “smartest [McHenry County] Board member” in the Board room. Although he supported Jeanne … Continue reading

Johnsburg GOP St. Pat’s Event May Turn into Steve Reick Rally

With all the hit pieces this past week against Steve, Reick, the real Republican candidate running for the GOP nomination for State Rep., it occurs to me that the McHenry Township Republican Party’s St. Patrick Day Meet & Greet and … Continue reading

Local Presidential Delegate/Alternate Candidates

Looking at the State Board of Elections web site for McHenry County residents who have filed for National Convention Delegate or Alternate Delegate yielded what follows. If Donald Trump sweeps the Illinois Republican Primary Election, four people will be at … Continue reading

Prim Woodstock Fundraiser

Last Thursday Bill Prim’s campaign for McHenry County Sheriff held a fundraiser at the Red Mill Inn. This has been a place frequented by Sheriff’s Deputies since 1966-1970 Sheriff John Carroll bought the place. Now it’s owner is fully on … Continue reading

Speakers Tell Why Bill Prim Should Be Sheriff, Gary Rabine Says Elect Him Because “He’s Not a Politician. He’s a Great Cop.”

The second fundraiser at the Bull Valley Country Club was held for Bill Prim two weeks ago. Snow shoveling and other activities have kept me from completing this story until now. Brian Kelly was first up to the microphone after … Continue reading

Bill Prim Sets Feb. 17th Fundraiser

McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim will hold a fundraiser at the Bull Valley Country Club on Monday, February 17th. The affair costs $45 for regular folks, but only $25 for elected officials and precinct committeemen and public safety personnel. … Continue reading

Sights at the Bill Prim Crystal Lake Country Club Fundraiser

I’ve gotten behind posting photos of fundraisers. Bill Prim, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Sheriff against Andy Zinke, held such an affair at the Crystal Lake Country Club the third week of October. Over 200 attended. There were … Continue reading

Prim Picks Up Some Big Contributions

McHenry County Republican Party Sheriff’s hopeful Bill Prim picked up some $1,000 and greater contributions recently. They follow: $2,907.94 – Citizens to Elect Lou Bianchi, Crystal Lake, Fund raising – food, Crystal Lake Country Club $2,000 – Bulk Lift International, … Continue reading

Rutherford, Kirk Speak at Bill Prim for Sheriff Fund Raiser

Getting to the Bill Prim for Sheriff fundraiser on Friday night was a challenge. We knew he lived in Johnsburg, but after tuning on Johnsburg Road we saw that it was one-way in the other direction. Maybe there was a … Continue reading

Gary Rabine Hosting Meet and Greet for Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim

An email from Gary Rabine, the Finance Chairman for Bill Prim’s campaign for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Sheriff. Prim and Andy Zinke are facing off. Dear Friends: On May 31 from 5:30-8:30, Cheryl and I will be hosting … Continue reading

McHenry County Entreprenuer Gary Rabine Chairing Bill Prim’s Sheriff’s Campaign Finance Committee

A press release from the Bill Prim for Sheriff Committee: RABINE TO CHAIR “BILL PRIM FOR SHERIFF” COMMITTEE Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim announced Monday that local business leader Gary T. Rabine of the Rabine Group has agreed to … Continue reading

Bill Prim Rakes In Over $50,000 for Sheriff’s Race, Newt Gingrich Outlines Optimistic Future for USA

With well over 100 people in attendance, Bill Prim, one of three men seeking the 2014 nomination for McHenry County Sheriff to replace Keith Nygren, raised over $50,000 at the Bull Valley Country Club, according to preliminary estimates. The $500 … Continue reading

Over 150 at Bill Prim Meet & Greet

About 150 enthusiastic supporters and just the curious came to meet 2014 Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim at the Bull Valley Country Club Tuesday night It came on the day after Undersheriff Andy Zinke subordinate Sgt. John Koziol swore that his … Continue reading