Serwatka Responds to Board “Everything’s Fine” Comments

An email from newly-elected Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka: The Northwest Herald released an article yesterday, giving a glimpse of the battle that lies ahead. Residents have responded, describing some board members’ responses as “obtuse,” “pig-headed” and “narcissistic”… One thing … Continue reading

Lakewood Final Results – Serwartka Beats Nearest Competitor More That 2-1

A story early last night reported the precinct results and showed the early voting returns. While the following graphic from the County Clerk’s Office doesn’t show the write-in vote in Paul Serwatka’s column, he was the only write-in candidate. The … Continue reading

My Precinct at 5 PM

Readers know that I am following the Lakewood Village Trustee race. In 2011, only 28 people voted and the highest number of votes received by a trustee was 19. There was no contest. In 2013, 37 people went to the … Continue reading

Political Stories from the Weekend

Lot’s of political articles over the Easter Weekend: McHenry Aldermanic Candidate Scott Curry’s Literature Matthew Hardt MCC Campaign Piece FRG College Student Janna Wing Works Precinct on Spring Break Lakewood Trustee Campaign Moves to the Internet Two Billboards for WL … Continue reading

Incumbent Lakewood Trustee Carl Davis Sends Letter

With this letter from Carl Davis all of the candidates for Lakewood Village Trustee have send information to voters of the approximately 4,000 person town. There are three incumbents on the ballot: Carl Davis Ken Santowski Gary Sexson Trying to … Continue reading

Debate on Lakewood TIF Intense

The comment section under articles about Lakewood’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District and Paul Serwatka’s write-in campaign aimed directly at it is being hotly debated on McHenry County Blog. Here is what appears under the article about Steve Wilson’s letter: … Continue reading

Lakewood Incumbent Gary Sexson Distributes Campaign Piece

Below you can read what incumbent Lakewood Village Trustee Gary Sexson is distributing to voters in his campaign for re-election. (If the other incumbents would like be to post their campaign literature or, for that matter, any other McHenry County … Continue reading

28 Write-In Candidacies Surface, Shepley Challenged by Chadwick

The biggest is the write-in challenge of Sascha Chadwick to Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley. As McHenry County Blog reported the night it happened, Shepley managed to convince his fellow City Council members that Chadwick, a CPA and entrepreneur.  (See … Continue reading

Lakewood Trustee Ken Santowski Wakens from Summer Siesta and Reports to Constituents – 2nd July Meeting

Continued from yesterday. The 2nd meeting in July was the fun one. It made the local papers for a few days. The Sportsplex as it is referred to by me. While there was nothing to “redo” about the original plans … Continue reading

Lakewood SportsPlex Gets 6 More Months to Get Financing by 4-3 Vote

Lakewood Village President Erin Smith had to cast a tie-breaking vote for ordinances giving McHenry County SportsPlex developers an additional six-months to meet their end of the deal struck with Lakewood. A year ago the vote was unanimous. In the … Continue reading