McHenry County Fire and Police Pension Funding

Some might be interested in comparing this local information with the statewide data above and that in the article below. = = = = = A Friend of McHenry County Blog pulled this pension funding information for 2012 through 2016 … Continue reading

McHenry County Fire and Police Pension Funding

A Friend of McHenry County Blog pulled this pension funding information for 2012 through 2016 from the Illinois Insurance Department. Local levels of pension funding, financed mainly from property taxes, are compared with those of state pension funds, including thos … Continue reading

Jack Franks’ $2 Million Pension

In two years, when Jack Franks turns 55, he can start receiving his pension from the State of Illinois. He stands to collect $2.3 million. As of June 30, 2016, he contributed about $139,000. The taxpayers will foot the bill … Continue reading

Franks IMRF Language Leaves Open IMRF Pension for McHenry County Board Chairman

State Senator Pam Althoff’s Senate Bill 2701, as amended by State Rep. Jack Franks in the Illinois House, leaves open the possibility that the next McHenry County Board Chairman, whether it is Franks or Mike Walkup, is eligible to participate … Continue reading

Steve Reick Puts a Face on State Pension Problem, Promises Not to Take a Pension, If Elected

Republican State Rep. candidate Steve Reick has been looking at the over $100 billion state pension problem since he first ran against Jack Franks two years ago. In January, he came up with a new approach, which is outlined below: … Continue reading

Sheriff Bill Prim Keeps Campaign Promise Not To Participate in County Pension Program

From the get-go in Bill Prim’s campaign for McHenry County Sheriff, he promised to set himself aside from most public officials by not participating in the pension program to which he would be entitled. Recently, State Rep. David McSweeney has … Continue reading

Roland Burris Ties for Last in Pension Fund Board Election

Elected officials can’t seem to retire. The Illinois General Assembly Retirement System had an election of members recently to fill a board vacancy. All receiving pensions from the system were eligible to vote. The winner was former State Rep. and … Continue reading

Rolland Burris Running for Office Again

With the death of former Republican State Representative Phil Collins, a vacancy was created on the General Assembly Retirement System Board. Seven annuitants have stepped forward to fill his place. All are former legislators, except one. He is former State … Continue reading