Franks and Bean Skip 2nd Amendment Rally

What you see is the side of the agenda for the McHenry County Concealed Carry rally held Thursday night at the Operating Engineers Lakemoor Banquet Hall. I see four candidates for Congress were present or representated. From the 16th District, … Continue reading

New York Times Statistician Sets Odds on Illinois Congressional Districts, Sees Two District Pickup for GOP

Here’s a map with a link to all 435 congressional districts. Click on a district and you will see what odds statistician Nate Silver gives each candidate for victory. Let’s look at those in Northern and Central Illinois. McHenry County … Continue reading

TEA Party Provides Candidate Forum in Lena, Don Manzullo Calls for Pullout from UN

Never heard of Lena? It’s the start of scenic Lena-Galena Road to, well, Galena. It’s in Stephenson County. What used to be called the Freeport Journal-Standard reported on the affair attended by 150 people. The sheriff’s race features a Republican … Continue reading

Huntley Tea Party Packs Auditorium, Hears Candidates

I arrived a bit late, not having figured out that the Cosman Cultural Center was in the Huntley Park District building where Grafton Township regularly meets. What appeared to be a candidates’ night was underway. A man I later learned … Continue reading

Garbage Picker Visits Sally Wiggins’ Driveway

Thursday, as I was driving to the Post Office, I noticed a political tee shirted Terry Kappel walking west on Route 14. You know I had to ask him why he was so attired in Crystal Lake. Was he going … Continue reading

Democrats Parading Again in McHenry

McHenry County Democrats had a healthy contingent in Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade. They plan a repeat performance Sunday in McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade. Somehow, I don’t think they will draw their U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias again. But, … Continue reading