Women Beat Men for McHenry County College Slots

The only two women running for McHenry County College Board Linda Liddell Diane Evertsen swamped their three male opponents. Liddell was running for re-election. Evertsen, who self-term limited herself to two terms on the McHenry County Board, ran first. Losing … Continue reading

Mailing Arrives from McHenry County College Candidates Diane Evertsen and David Schenk

Into local mailboxes came the following mailing from McHenry County College Board members Diane Evertsen and David Schenk. Evertsen is a former County Board member who stepped down after two terms, as she promised when she first ran. Schenk holds … Continue reading

Testing the Memory of Past MCC Board President George Lowe

The following article form Feb. 3, 2008, might give current readers an idea of the past service of McHenry County College Board candidate George Lowe. Lowe seeks to return to the Board for a six-year term. The Daily Herald seems … Continue reading

Daily Herald Endorses Incumbent, Past Member for McHenry County College Board

The Daily Herald, which rarely writes stories about McHenry County College, has endorsed two candidates with past experience as Trustees. Incumbent Linda Liddell was favored, along with former Board member George Lowe. None said they favored raising taxes, although Liddell … Continue reading

Six File for Junior College Board

With filing for local tax district offices having closed Monday, we can look at who is running for what office. McHenry County College saw five people file for Trustee on Monday: Diane Evertsen, Harvard David Schenk, Marengo Thomas Allen, Lakewood … Continue reading

MCC Trustee Applicants Being Interviewed Revealed

Tonight’s the night when the six McHenry County College Trustees are interviewing applicants for the board vacancy created when Tom Wilbeck, elected a bit over two years ago, resigned due to moving a little bit out of the district. The … Continue reading

MCC Board Follows Northwest Herald’s Advice, Kicks Vicky Smith’s Contract Renewal Down Road to Last Day in Office for Three Members

I wish I had managed to make it to the McHenry County College Board meeting earlier. From what Woodstock Advocate blogger Gus Philpott said in the public comment section of the meeting, the room was packed with college employees when … Continue reading

MCC Board…And the MCC Board Winners Are…The Two Women

I’ve been harping for years about how women have an advantage at the ballot box. The election results from the most recent McHenry County College Board election add some evidence. Now readers with retentive memories will also remember than being … Continue reading

Women Continue to Lead in McHenry County College Free-for-All

Two women are pulling away in the race for four-year terms on the McHenry County College Board. Linda Liddell and Cynthia Kisser are leading elected incumbent George Lowe by  862 and 350 votes, respectively.  In fourth place is Gordon Tebo, … Continue reading

Joliet JackHammers on the Block

In two senses. If they were an animal, their necks on on the chopping block. In economic terms, there are for sale. That’s what the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday. Why do I keep bringing up a Will County minor league … Continue reading

MCC Selects NIU Ph.D Vicky Smith as President

Here’s McHenry County College’s official take on the selection of Vicky Smith as its new president: MCC BOARD ANNOUNCES NEW PERMANENT PRESIDENT [July 2, 2010.Crystal Lake, IL]  At a special meeting on July 2, 2010, the McHenry County College (MCC) … Continue reading

MCC Reacts to Loss of 4th Interim President to Disney World Land

Here is the college’s press release on the subject of Kathleen Plinske’s leaving to serve in a Florida community college: MCC INTERIM PRESIDENT ACCEPTS NEW POSITION [June 2, 2010.Crystal Lake, IL] McHenry County College wishes to announce that Kathleen Plinske, … Continue reading

1,500 Foot Broadcast Aerial Apparently Dies Under Threat of FAA Rejection

Remember the 1,500-foot broadcast town which was to bring McHenry County College $6 million? McHenry County Blog broke the story March 1, 2008, that the MCC board was being approached by BMB Communications Management’s John Maguire to build a broadcast … Continue reading

MCC Board Picks Crystal Lake’s Bob DeWitt to Replace Harvard’s Scott Summers

A press release and photo from McHenry County College: At a special board meeting on August 4, 2009, the McHenry County College Board of Trustees voted to appoint Bob DeWitt to fill the position vacated by Scott Summers, who resigned … Continue reading

MCC MAP Meeting – Part 3 – Enrollment Increase & Who Pays What

This is the third part of my article on the MCC MAP meeting Tuesday night The McHenry County College Promise, Todd McDonald told me, has already completely processed 650 high school graduates. Another 170 or so await a report from … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Reporter Discerns Real Reason for McHenry County College’s $137,750 Hiring of Tax Hike Firm

Last night in the McHenry County College cafeteria, Northwest Herald reporter Brett Rowland picked up more information that the purpose of UNICOM-ARC’s dog and pony show was to raise taxes. So, the cat is out of the bag, so to … Continue reading