Bianchi Special Prosecutors Still on the Hook

“It would set the wrong precedent in every way.” Those were the final words of Winnebago County Judge Joesph McGraw to Special Prosecutors Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen in response to their both wanting to be released from their duty … Continue reading

Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan Tries to Get Out of His Job by Petitioning Rockford Judge

Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan tried to get McHenry County Circuit Judge Gordon Graham to pull the plug on his assignment to prosecute McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi. Judge Graham pointed out that the McHenry County Board had appealed his … Continue reading

Just When You Thought the Lou Bianchi Prosecution Could Get No Weirder, Thomas McQueen Asks to be Relieved of his Role as Special Prosecutor

Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen has filed a motion before Circuit Court Judge Gordon Graham, apparently Tuesday, to withdraw as the main man going after McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi. Previously, the Special Prosecutor first appointed by then-Associate Judge Gordon … Continue reading

39% of Illinois Teachers Pay Nothing for Pensions

“While Democrats say Teachers ‘Have Kept Their Part of the Deal?’“ is the title of an April 5, 2011, article by former Huntley School District 158 Board member Larry Snow.  (The quote was in the Chicago Tribune Marcy 31, 2011.  … Continue reading

The Grayslake School Board Incumbents’ Campaign (Email) Trail – Part 3

In our examination of political emails involving the re-election of Grayslake School Board members Mary Garcia, president of a Skokie school district’s union, and Sue Fackham, we are now about two weeks away from the April 5th election. Fackham was … Continue reading

Lake County State’s Attorney Looking into Grayslake School Board Members Campaign Emails

That’s what the Trib Local scribe Andrea Brown is reporting. An official investigation has begun. You may remember that the Special Prosecutors of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi spent $225,000 we know of looking into the alleged use of … Continue reading

The Grayslake School Board Incumbents’ Campaign (Email) Trail – Part 2

I became interested in a series of emails from and to incumbent candidates running for re-election on the Grayslake Unit School District 46 Board. They are of interest, first, because they were sent on two school district email accounts and, … Continue reading

The Grayslake School Board Incumbents’ Campaign (Email) Trail – Part 1

What caught my interest today was an article on the Lake County Tea Party site by Paul Mitchell about Grayslake Unit School District 46. It is based on emails sent to and from the school district’s email server and shows … Continue reading