Illinois GOP Congressmen Urge Obama to Abandon Move of Terrorists to Northwest Illinois

This press release explains the effort to keep Gitmo prisoners from being moved to the Thomson, Illinois, maximum security prison that Illinois hopes to sell to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Washington representatives associated with it are U.S. Senator … Continue reading

Gitmo Chaplain’s Opinion on the Burning of a Quran

The following letter was emailed to the Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, Florida by the Rev. Kent Svendsen, the minister who pastors the First United Methodist Church of Forreston and Leaf River United Methodist Church, both west of Rockford. … Continue reading

Manzullo Wins Gitmo Fight

Congressman Don Manzullo will get his wish that Guantanamo terrorists not be transferred to the Thomson Prison in his 16th District. His press release below explains what happened in Washington Friday: U.S. House Votes Overwhelmingly to Prohibit Transfer of GITMO … Continue reading

Manzullo Favors Federal Prison in Thomson without Terrorists

That’s what the 16th District Congressman’s press release below says. Manzullo Urges President Obama to Fully Utilize Thomson as a Federal Prison Without Terrorists [WASHINGTON] With Congress continuing to oppose moving GITMO terrorists inside the United States, Congressman Don Manzullo … Continue reading

Manzullo Gets Letter Saying Thomson Supermax on Way, Whether or Not Gitmo Prisoners Transferred

16th District Congressman Don Manzullo received an encouraging letter yesterday, March 18th. Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich wrote, “With respect to your suggestion to move forward whether (or not) detainees from Guantanamo are moved there, the President has directed the … Continue reading

Mike Tryon Gets Big Springfield Win on Gitmo Prisoner Issue

It was “just” a surplus property issue. Should it take approval of the Illinois General Assembly to dispose of surplus property worth more than $1 million? But House Bill 4744 was aimed by Crystal Lake State Representative Mike Tryon directly … Continue reading

Gitmo Prisoner Lawyer’s Appearance Rescheduled

The McHenry County College Student Peace Group, or course, had no way of knowing its timing would be bad. They canceled NIU Professor Marc Falkoff’s talk about his book “Poems from Guantanamo: The Detainees Speak” Now its on for the … Continue reading

Manzullo Opposes Gitmo Prisoner Placement in Quad Cities

The following press release has been received from 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo: Manzullo Opposes Transfer of Gitmo Terrorists to Northwest Illinois [ROCKFORD] Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) today issued the following statement responding to news reports that the near-empty state … Continue reading

Roscoe Cunningham’s Lament

My former legislative colleague Roscoe Cunningham (who used to buy a pan of sweet rolls to induce his Appropriations Committee members to attend his pre-meetings) bought the Sumner Press and opines each week in “Roscoe’s Journal.” The end of March … Continue reading

"Bring on the Gitmo Terrorists"

That’s what former Illinois State Representative Roscoe Cunningham says in a front page letter to United States Senator Roland Burris in his Sumner Press. Cunningham, with whom I served in the 1970’s before he, like I, caught congressional fever, continually … Continue reading