McHenry County Right to Carry Group Targets County Board Gun Ordinance

Mickey Schuch, President of the McHenry County Right To Carry Association sends the following message: You may have already caught wind of the proposed firearm discharge ordinance in play with our county board.h It will limit your ability to shoot … Continue reading

County Board Discussing Gun Discharge Ordinance

The Natural and Environmental Resources Committee met March 17 and discussed, among other things, an ordinance to prohibit the discharge of a firearm. Below is the ordinance in searchable form: Ordinance Regulating the Discharge of Firearms in Unincorporated McHenry County … Continue reading

Only One Objection Made to 1,117 Concealed Carry Applilcations

As for Friday, 1,117 people from McHenry County had made applications for concealed carry permits. And, of those, only one local, unidentified local police department has submitted an objection. In response to a Freedom of Information request, the McHenry County … Continue reading

“You Don’t Know Jack!” – Joe Rosner Cites Where Jack Franks Violates Second Amendment

You Don’t Know Jack!State Rep. write-in candidate Joe Rosner has a page on his web sitethat lists the violations of the United States Constitution which he believes incumbent Democrat Jack Franks, an attorney, has violated. His Second Amendment observation is … Continue reading