Huntley School Board President Shawn Green’s Remarks Before Resigning

Tonight was Huntley School Board President Shawn Green’s last meeting. He resigned to pursue policy concerns in a different arena, perhaps even another elective office. (He was elected a Republican Precinct Committeeman February 2nd.) Green warns against using the schools … Continue reading

Jack Franks Goes to the Dark Side

Since his first campaign in 1998, Jack Franks has said that he was “pro-choice.” But he has largely voted pro-life with a couple of exceptions. The biggest one was his cow-towing to the Planned Parenthoods and Personal PACs of the … Continue reading

Huntley School Board President Shawn Green Tells of District Opposition to HB 2354

I’m trying to catch up with stories that deserve coverage. (I never will, but I’m trying.) Here’s an email from Shawn Green, President of Huntley School District 158’s School Board. He tells of the district’s opposition to House Bill 2354, … Continue reading

Hb 2354 Video Shows Disappointment, Pleas for Changing of Mind and Promises of Opposition

Not only did McHenry County Pro-Lifers spend last mid-Saturday demonstrating outside in the cold on Route 47 in front of Democrat Jack Franks’ office, but they gathered somewhere to speak to him and McHenry County Republican State Rep. Mark Beaubien … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Demonstration

Over 200 people showed up at Jack Franks’ Woodstock office on Route 47 last Saturday. I had seen some emails about it, so drove past on our way home from the easy-to-park-in and human-sized Milwaukee airport. I asked John O’Neill, … Continue reading

Saturday Demonstration in Front of Jack Franks’ Woodstock Office

On our way back from Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport, we drove through Woodstock on Route 47. There was a big back-up as we entered and left Burger King. As we paused at the McConnell Road stop light, here’s what I saw … Continue reading