Joe Walsh to the President: “Too Late…[We’ve had] Our Scary Look Inside the Belly of the Beast”

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh: Rep. Walsh to Obama: Too Late “Obamacare at its core is un-American” WASHINGTON- Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) released the following statement after the Obama Administration announced they would compromise on the contraceptive mandate … Continue reading

CNN Features Joe Walsh’s Refusal of Congressional Health Care Benefits

I first noticed that Congressman Joe Walsh was getting national coverage on his refusal to accept a typical employee fringe benefit—subsidized health insurance—on page 2 of the Chicago Sun-Times in a Scripps Howard News Service article. I figure it could … Continue reading

Walsh Disappointed at Senate’s Refusal to Repeal Obamacare

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:Walsh Congressman Walsh Disappointed in Senate’s Failure to Pass Amendment to Repeal ObamaCare WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh made the following statement Wednesday evening after the U.S. Senate failed to pass the … Continue reading

Sensing an Issue If Jack Franks Challenges Joe Walsh for Congress – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog laid down the background for this conclusion of a discussion of what might be characterized as the fringe benefits clash of a Jack Franks’ challenge of Joe Walsh in a congressional race after reapportionment in 2012. … Continue reading

Manzullo Reacts to Federal Judge’s Ruling Against Obamacare

16th District Congressman Don Manzullo’s reaction to Federal Court’s ruling against the Democrats’ health care plan: Manzullo Responds to Federal Judge’s Ruling that New Health Care Law is Unconstitutional (WASHINGTON) Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) issued the following statement today responding … Continue reading

Democrats in Massachusetts Actually Have 75 State Environmental Police

If you visit Boston you better not exhale too much carbon dioxide. The Democrats there actually have 75 state police who are in a separate environmental police organization. I saw this in a Boston Herald article: “The environmental police continue … Continue reading

Which Baseball Player has his Number Retired by Two Teams?

Frank Thomas’ number was retired on Sunday. Seeing another White Sox player in the ceremonies reminded me of this question: Which baseball player has his number retired by two teams? That would be Carlton Fisk, whose numbers were retired by … Continue reading

Mike Tryon Publishes Project Vote Smart Questionnaire

My Crystal Lake State Representative Mike Tryon is doing exactly what I would do. He is filling out all sorts of questionnaires and publishing them on his campaign web site. Here it is the latest one, a comprehensive one from … Continue reading

A Visual Presentation of the New Health Care Bureaucracy

The following is not McHenry County specific, but since we’ll be paying more per capita for Obama Care than your average United States taxpayer I thought it might interest you. It’s a press release from Texas 8th District Congressman Kevin … Continue reading

Manzullo Points to Americans’ Loss of Health Insurance under Obamacare

The following press release has been received from 16th District Illinois Congressman Don Manzullo: Manzullo: Majority of Americans Could Lose Current Health Care Coverage Under New Law Proposed federal regulations threaten coverage for 117 million Americans WASHINGTON — Between 51 and … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

“I’m just a little bill,” the little bill instructs children watching School House Rock. Little Bill apparently has a much bigger brother. This is the over 1,000 page Health Care Reform bill of summer 2009. The one that Melissa Bean … Continue reading

8th District Watch – Walsh Holds Another Health Care Forum

8th District Republican congressional candidate Joe Walsh held another health care forum on May 4th. That was shortly after Fox News took a swipe at him. It does not look as if the negative piece on Fox affected attendance too … Continue reading

8th District Watch – Walsh Health Care Forum Tonight in Barrington

Considering the hubbub surrounding the resignation of two Joe Walsh staffers on Sunday, his Barrington Health Care Forum might be interesting to attend. The details follow: 8th District Health Care Forum Please join 8th District  Republican Congressional nominee Joe  Walsh … Continue reading

Fifty Obama Supporters Sought for Friday Health Care Reform Celebration at Panera’s

Blew this article big time. The event was March 30th. Sorry.Organizing for America is planning to celebrate the Washington victory on Health Reform this Friday night at Panera Bread in Crystal Lake. No Route 14 demonstration like the TEA Party … Continue reading