Homelessness Meeting Tuesday, May 17th, at 6 PM

Two McHenry County Board committees will consider the topic Confronting Homelessness in McHenry County next Tuesday, May 17th, at 6 PM. The Committees are Public Health & Human Services Planning & Development The meeting will be held at the Administration … Continue reading

County Board Candidates: Ending Homelessness Not County Responsibility

Each night McHenry County Board members were asked about the County Board’s role in ending homelessness. That took up one of the 6-7 questions asked candidates last Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday I was quite disappointed that a question was not … Continue reading

NASA Education’s Veterans Stand Down Has One Day to Go

Today was the first day of NASA Education’s Veteran’s Stand Down in Camp Algonquin, located on the Algonquin-Cary Blacktop.  The second day is tomorrow. First veterans register at the building on top of the hill.  Then they wait around for … Continue reading