What’s Happening To the Methodist Church? Part 5

Scott Field, Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake, recently re-branded “First Church,” next moved on to the impact the late February St. Louis international convention would have on Crystal Lake. First he told a little of … Continue reading

What’s Happening To the Methodist Church? Part 4

Questions and and answers were the next order of business for Scott Field, the minister of the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake. I asked why we were sending any money to the Northern Illinois Conference. Part of Field’s … Continue reading

What’s Happening To the Methodist Church? Part 3

Crystal Lake First United Methodist Church Pastor Scott Field explained some of the background of the Methodist Church. It comes from an evangelical theology in which the United Methodist Church requires a three-fourths vote of the membership is required to … Continue reading

What’s Happening To the Methodist Church? Part 2

The United Methodist Church is what is called a “connectional”  church. For starters, that means all churches follow the same standards. Secondly, under the current Church Discipline, Crystal Lake Methodist Pastor Scott Field said, “If I were in a same … Continue reading

What’s Happening To the Methodist Church? Part 1

During the third week of February next year there will be headlines concerning what Methodists do at a special conference in St. Louis. A fight has been going on since 1972 in the church about homosexuality. At issue is whether … Continue reading

Cardinal George Reflects on Chick-fil-A Flap: “Was Jesus a Bigot?”

The following was published on the Chicago Catholic Blog Sunday, July 29th. McHenry County Blog has received permission to reprint the column by Cardinal Francis George: Reflections on “Chicago values” Recent comments by those who administer our city seem to … Continue reading

Coverage of Conservative Methodists’ Victory over Homosexual Activists Missing in Newspapers

Whenever homosexuals win a victory, it is trumpeted all over the media. At the world convention of the United Methodist Church in Tampa this week, the homosexual agenda took a beating, however, and I couldn’t find a line of type … Continue reading

53% Reject Homosexual Liberalization at Tampa World Methodist Conference

Just in from the Confessing Movement web site: Thursday, May 3 – Day 9 of General Conference Update, 10:45 am: The full petition regarding human sexuality has been defeated with 368 votes in favor and 572 votes against.  As delegates prepared to take … Continue reading

Conservative Methodists Making Headway in World Conference, Big Fight on Homosexuality in Offing

I got two emails Saturday describing what is happening in Tampa during the early stages of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Conference is the counterpart of the quadrennial political party conventions in the United States, except … Continue reading

Methodist Convention This Week in Tampa – Unity Not on the Agenda

Every four years the United Methodist Church holds a convention. Just like the Republicans and the Democrats. This year Methodists affiliated with the UMC will convene in Tampa.  (The vibrant Korean Methodist Church is not one of those affiliated.) There … Continue reading

Uppity Citizen and Community Internet Organizer Angered by Homosexual Legislator’s Sneaky Shortcut

This is the one week in the legislative session to keep alert. The taxeaters are after your money and those with ideas that need to be snuch by in order to have a chance of passing are using parliamentary shortcuts … Continue reading