Obamacare 23% More Expensive in Woodstock Than Chicago

Here’s what Woodstock resident Susan Handelsman found: Healthcare.gov premiums 23%+ higher in 60098 (Woodstock) than in Chicago 60602 Male age 50 median income $58,000 earner, CHEAPEST BRONZE PLAN, minimum $6000 deductible: ZIP CODE: 60602 (Chicago) vs. 60098 (Woodstock) SEX: Male … Continue reading

Mercy Pounds Centegra for Abandoning Woodstock

Hospital wars continue in McHenry County. Wisconsin-based Mercy Health System lobed rhetoric at Centegra in the Woodstock Independent, the dominant health care provider in McHenry County after Centegra filed suit to stop a state-approved 13-bed Mercy hospital in Crystal Lake. … Continue reading

Centegra’s Huntley Hospital Pretty Much Finished as Permission to Build Finalized

Here’s the headline from the Cook County Reporter article on the Ottawa Appellate Court decision giving Centegra final approval to build its new hospital in Huntley: In an Illinois replication of the Stalinist approach to economic growth, those wishing to … Continue reading