2016 Statistics for McHenry County Schools – Demographic Data

A while ago, a commenter asked for more information about schools than whether and how much they increased or decreased taxes since last year. While data for 2017 is not available, that for 2016 is. A Friend of McHenry County … Continue reading

MCC Construction Budget Has Contingency Fee Twice as High as Forensic Auditor Recommended

When forensic auditing firm Jefferson Wells auditor Mike Nowark made his report on his examination of new school construction at Huntley School District 158, he said that if contingencies were not over 5%, he didn’t think anything went wrong. Thursday … Continue reading

Teacher Salary Spikes

The Chicago Tribune’s Education superb Reporter Diane Rado has examined the cost to local taxpayers of school boards that increased teachers’ salaries more than allowed by law just before they retired.  Her main article can be found here. Reported in … Continue reading

Math Problems at Local High Schools

You can see the data above. But, just to make sure people can use a search engine to find out how well each McHenry County College high school prepares its students who attend McHenry County College in math, I’ll type … Continue reading

Huntley Teachers Want Guaranteed Higher Raises at Careers’ End to Boost Pensions

For years Huntley teachers have wanted guaranteed maximum raises if they decide to plan on taking early retirement or retirement that is officially planned years ahead of time. Their union was asking for a guaranteed 6% increase for each of … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 School Board President Shawn Green Announces Resignation, Shift of Attention to Partisan Arena

Here’s a surprising press release from Shawn Green, the Huntley School Board president. He notes, as McHenry County Blog did earlier this year, that he is running for Republican precinct committeeman (Coral Township Precinct 3). In April he told me … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 Proposes Budget Showing Scheduled Legal Debt Obligation Not Being Paid Back

You might think a school district’s budget has to show specifically where the money is going to come from to pay for its legal debt obligations that are due in this budget year You might think in normal budgeting, state … Continue reading