Susan Handelsman Shares Answers to Woodstock Teachers’ Union Questions

In the comment section under the article about the Woodstock Council of Teachers’  candidates’ night tonight at 6 PM at the Woodstock High School auditorium candidate Susan Handelsman provides the IFT local’s questions and her answers. They are reprinted below: … Continue reading

IFT Settles with Rauner

A press release from Governor Bruce Raunder: Illinois Federation of Teachers Ratifies Four-Year Collective Bargaining Agreement with Rauner Administration SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner issued a statement today following the Illinois Federation of Teachers ratification of four-year collective bargaining agreement: … Continue reading

Tribune Gets It

I have written periodically of how teacher unions during the 1990’s encouraged legislative leaders to take money governors earmarked for pension payments and put it into current teacher salaries through the State Aid to Education program. Articles on this subject … Continue reading

Tribune Pins Tail on Teacher Unions

Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune editorial was about the teacher pension problem. Too many claims on too few dollars. As regular readers know, teacher union lobbyists regularly urged legislators to skip making payments for pensions in order to increase State Aid … Continue reading

Rauner’s Handout to Legislators on Policy Agenda & Public Union Conflict of Interest

The following two sheets of paper were what Illinois State Representatives and Senators were reading as Governor Bruce Rauner was delivering his State of the State Speech Wednesday. First the policy pitches: 1. Economic Growth and Jobs Package Pass a … Continue reading

Franks May Get Second Chance to Help Poor Inner City Kids Get a Decent Education

Back in 2010, Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks had a chance to help poor inner city kids get a decent education. See Jack Franks’ Liberal Politics Hurt the Most Needy and Disadvantaged Kids while Voting Against Saving Hundreds of … Continue reading

Unions Complicity in Pension Problems

Frequent McHenry County visitor Allen Skillikorn, an East Dundee Village Trustee, has submitted the following piece on our state’s pension problem: Who’s Really To Blame For Illinois’ Pension Mess? By Allen Skillicorn Let’s go back to May 2005. Rod Blagojevich … Continue reading

The Role of Teacher Union Lobbyists in the Pension Debacle

The Southtown has a Phil Kadner column about the negative effects (more later than soon) of shifting the burden of paying teacher pensions from State government to local school districts. He missed one aspect that some may find significant.  I … Continue reading

IEA Spokesman Too Young To Know His Union’s Role in the Pension Crisis

I went to the Illinois Policy Institute’s Pension forum.  Got there a little late and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was over an hour after it started. Representing the Illinois Education Association was Crystal Lake High School teacher … Continue reading

Pat Quinn Tells Truth about Pension Underfunding, But Not Whole Truth

Neil Steinberg adds to the pressure to address the public pension mess Monday morning in a column featuring an interview with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. There is one part that I found interesting, accurate as far as it goes, but … Continue reading

Public Employee Unions’ Response to Quinn’s Pension Proposal

And here’s the public unions’ response: We Are One Illinois statement on Quinn news conference Responding to Gov. Pat Quinn’s news conference on pensions held Friday, April 20, Illinois AFL-CIO president Michael Carrigan issued this statement for the We Are … Continue reading

Jack Franks and the Illinois Federation of Teachers – Follow the Money

Regular readers may remember my extreme disappointment with liberal Democrat Jack Franks’ vote to sentence poorly-educated Chicago children to more of the same. Chicago Pastor and State Senator James Meeks got a bill through the State Senate that would have … Continue reading

Have the Illinois Teachers Federation Lobbyists No Morals? Plus the House Roll Call

It wasn’t the lead story on the front page of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, but it certainly could have been. Two teacher union lobbyists stand to get pensions larger than teachers–as a retired teacher pointed out to me as I was … Continue reading

Teacher Pension Mess Brought About by Teacher Union Requests for Current Salaries Out of Money Earmarked by Pensions

We are in this mess because over the years Governors have proposed X amount of dollars for education.   Usually a couple of hundred million dollars. When the discussions of how to cut up that amount took place, current salaries … Continue reading

Math-Impaired Teachers Union Supports 75% Income Tax Hike

Here’s the email from the Illinois Federation of Teachers.  Note the false characterization of  the proposed income tax hike as “approximately 2 percent.” Tell Your Lawmakers to Support Revenue for Education and State Services Support Revenue for Education and Public … Continue reading

Jack Franks’ Liberal Politics Hurt the Most Needy and Disadvantaged Kids while Voting Against Saving Hundreds of Millions of Dollars each Year

Teachers unions want legislators who are automatic votes for what they want, when they really want it. Jacks Franks is one of those automatic votes for the Illinois teachers unions. For ten years he has tried hiding this position. Where? … Continue reading

Will Jack Franks Support for Teacher Unions’ Right to Strike Come Back to Bite Him?

John O’Neill is the Republican candidate running for state representative against ten-years-in-Springfield Democrat Jack Franks. Franks cheered in the election of Rod Blagojevich and his era of Democrat politics, even asking him for appointments for friends and family.  You certainly … Continue reading

Johnsburg Democratic Party State Rep. Tom Hanahan Dies – Part 1

After activist Pat Quinn got his Cutback Amendment to the Illinois Constitution passed in 1980, Johnsburg Democratic Party State Rep. Thomas J. Hanahan didn’t stick around McHenry County. He moved to Park Ridge. I don’t know if that happened before … Continue reading