Union Dues of Teachers at Crystal Lake High School District

What do teachers at Crystal Lake High School District 155 paid in dues to the Illinois Education Association? That’s a question that popped into my mind for some reason. The answer: D155 Education Association Monthly Dues – IEA Full Time … Continue reading

Alden-Hebron Unit District Teachers Pay $661 per Year in Union Dues

The forty teachers in Alden-Hebron Unit District 19 are all members of the local Illinois Education Association union. All of them are members of the teachers’ union. Each pays $33.05  in dues each pay period. That’s $661 per person or … Continue reading

Prairie Grove School Employees Send $58,747 to Illlinois Education Association

Seventy teachers and forth support staff members working for Prairie Grove Grade School District 46 contributed almost $60,000 a year to the Illinois Education Association. The union, which captured control of the school board at one point, counts all seventy … Continue reading

$661 per Year Paid to IEA by Alden-Hebron School District Employees

There are forty members of the Illinois Education affiliate representing Alden-Hebron Unit School District 19 employees. Each pays $661 per year in union dues. Assuming all work the full year, the IEA would receive $26,440.   … Continue reading

$659,000 Goes to Teachers Union in Huntley School District

The taxpayers of Huntley Unit School District 158 pay through the salaries paid their teachers and auxiliary workers $658,760.20 to two affiliates of the Illinois Association. 692 teachers paid $508,734.82 during the last year. Other employees, numbering 478, paid the … Continue reading

Richmond-Burton High School and Nippersink Grade School Union Dues

Richmond-Burton High and Nippersink Elementary Schools have a unified administration. Superintendent Tim Lund performs that role for both District 157 and District 2. Just mentioning that because it shows that intergovernmental cooperation among high and grade school districts can, no, … Continue reading

147 Harvard School District Employees Have Over $100,000 Deducted from Their Pay Checks in Union Dues Each Year

Harvard Unit School District 50 has 147 union members. They have $26.96 per pay period deducted from their pay checks. Multiplying the almost $4,000 per pay check going to the Illinois and National Education Association union means $103,429.30 flowed to … Continue reading

Huntley School District Union Members Could Save $716 by Dropping Out Copy

Huntley Unit School District 158 has 160 public union members. Each pays, regardless of salary, $716 a year in union dues. The IEA teachers union, the Huntley Education Association, struck in 2008. See articles about the relationship of the union … Continue reading

Cary School District Employees Could Get $676 More in Take-Home Pay by Dropping Out of Union

According to the Cary Elementary School District 26, each unionized employee pays $37.56 in each of the eighteen pay periods in dues to the Illinois Education Association. Regardless of income, each employee pays the same amount. That’s amounts to $676 … Continue reading

Crystal Lake High School Teacher Union Feeling the Heat

You can tell an election contest is close when one side stops putting out positive pieces about its candidates and starts attacking the other side. Consider this literature found at the Crystal Lake Jewel on Saturday: I think this is … Continue reading

Former District 155 IEA Teachers Union President Justin Hubly Arrested

Justin Hubby, the man who served as President of the District 155 Education Association has been arrested by the Crystal Lake Police Department for activities with underage females. The Police Department press release is below: Crystal Lake Police Arrest Subject … Continue reading

Union & Trial Lawyer Money Finances Three More Pieces Hitting Steve Reick and More

The goal of the no-name pop-up committee called is, quite simply, to destroy Steve Reick as an effective opponent against a cowering incumbent State Representative named Jack Franks. Franks, just two years from maxing out his legislative pension, is the … Continue reading

Two More of the Madigan Coalition Kick in $20,000 More to Kill Steve Reick Candidacy

Here’s another reason to attend the McHenry Township Republican Meet & Greet and Candidates’ Forum at the Johnsburg Community Club right across from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Sunday afternoon from 3-6. The cost for the corned beef and cabbage … Continue reading

Second Teachers’ Union Hit Piece Against Steve Reick Arrives

I figured when I saw that the Illinois Education Association had dropped $12,500 on a no name pop-pop committee that there would be three hit pieces aimed at the real Republican candidate for State Rep. against Jack Franks, Steve Reick. … Continue reading

Teachers’ Union About to Attack Steve Reick

Acting in concert with the Democrats who put Jeffrey Lichte up to run in the Republican Primary Election to clear the way for State Rep. Jack Franks to have no fall opponent, the Illinois Education Association has allocated $12,500 to … Continue reading

Serwatka Lays Out Reasons for Withdrawing, Supporting Skillicorn

An email from Lakewood Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn: For those following the race for our next State Representative – yesterday, I made a very difficult decision to step out of this race, but, ultimately, I believe it was the right … Continue reading

TV Ad Slams Carolyn Schofield

The following television ad financed by Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles Political Action Committee played on Channel 7 three times from 5 to 7 on Monday night. Twice during local news and once during Wheel of Fortune. That’s what a $63,070 buy … Continue reading

Paul Serwatka Withdraws from State Rep. Race in Support of Allen Skillicorn

As the ice was leaving Crystal Lake, Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka was leaving the four-way race to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon. He withdrew in favor of East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn. The news was announced in a … Continue reading