Sheriff, Mayor Indicted…Not in Illinois, in Indiana

Take a look at this story in the Chicago Tribune about indictements in Indiana. The U.S. Attorney over there is after corruption. Wishing the U.S. Attorney in Illinois was concentrating on more of Illinois’ corrupt politicians. Incidentially, the Sheriff is … Continue reading

Mike Tryon Explains Proposal to Tax Non-Resident Legislators

“If it’s good enough for the Green Bay Packers, it ought to be good enough for Wisconsin legislator.” That’s part of what State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) told Statehouse News Service today when they asked him why he introduced … Continue reading

Tryon Proposes Bill to Tax Visiting Wisconsin Legislators

State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) is introducing legislation today that will apply the Illinois income tax to visiting legislators from Wisconsin and Indiana. Noting that the Democrats passed legislation to “close corporate loopholes” which resulted in Illinois taxing planes … Continue reading