Five of Six Chicagoland Jails Allow Gideons to Distribute Bibles Cell to Cell

Learned at the County Fair that McHenry County is the only one in the six county area prohibiting the distribution of Bibles on a cell to cell basis. When he heard that, McHenry County Board member John Hammerand said, “That’s … Continue reading

Kairos – Prison Ministry that Changes Lives

“God says, ‘If you don’t love your brother, you don’t know me.’” That was part of what Bud Gregory of Kairos Prison Ministry of Illinois had to tell of his weekend experiences at Stateville participating in four-day weekend retreats for prisoners. … Continue reading

Finally, Testing Incoming Inmates for HIV

More than 20 years ago, State Rep. Penny Pullen was pushing for inmates to be tested for HIV upon incarceration. She was even willing to settle for testing upon release. Why? In the hope that those in prison might be … Continue reading

Upping Inmate Co-Pays Will Bring Unintended Consequences, Unforeseen Potential Savings

State Rep. Emily McAsey, a Democrat from Lockport, thought she had a good idea. And what does a relatively new legislator do with a new idea…especially if you are a lawyer, as McAsey is? You have it drafted into a … Continue reading

2-4 County Prisoners to Learn Cooking in 12-Week ARAMARK Courses

It used to be that “trustees” used to clean the old Courthouse. That was under Sheriff John Carroll, who served while I was Country Treasurer. After the courthouse closed, trusted inmates would be sweeping the floors and generally cleaning up. … Continue reading

A Recidivism Prevention Program that Works

The Illinois Department of Corrections generally doesn’t. It seems to be it should be renamed the Illinois Prison System or something more descriptive of its role of keeping crooks off the street. Now comes along a program that so far … Continue reading