Could Chicago Sun-Times Be Preparing Southside Readers for an Isaac Hayes Endorsement?

It’s probably because I met Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s GOP opponent Isaac Hayes at the Family PAC cruise last month that I am following with more than casual interest the deteriorating political fortunes of the incumbent. Today, the Chicago Sun-Times … Continue reading

2010 Family PAC Cruise – Part 4

We’re on board now for the Family PAC cruise. Before we left the dock, I was downstairs getting a Diet Coke. Husband Derrick Crenshaw accompanied his candidate wife Cedra on the cruise.  Here they are talking to Michael Carbone. That’s … Continue reading

2010 Family PAC Cruise – Part 2

Yesterday, I started telling you about my annual Family PAC cruise. I ended that installment before we boarded the boat. Before walking up the gangplank, I got a couple more politicians’ photos. Next was Randy Hultgren. I met Rich Morthland … Continue reading