McHenry County Has Regional Superintendent of Schools in Sight

That’s what I conclude from the February agenda of the Finance and Audit Committee. Read the main topic to be discussed: “Resolution Appointing Jeffrey S. Schleff into the Vacant Elected Position of Regional Superintendent of Schools” From this wedding photo … Continue reading

Lakewood’s Tax Rate Up Most, Richmond’s Only One Down

Because Lakewood Village Board members decided to require residents to pay off the last year of the golf course purchased the year before the Property Tax Cap went into effect, Lakewood has the highest percentage tax rate increase of any … Continue reading

Mike Mahon Huntley Fundraiser Attended by State Comptroller Candidate David Miller

While Republicans were raising money in McHenry for party purposes, Democratic Party sheriff challenger Mike Mahon was doing the same in Huntley. I went over after the GOP Play Day dinner and discovered an eating place treasure in the outside … Continue reading