Grafton Township Meeting Quiet, Short

With Township Supervisor Linda Moore in Texas for her daughter’s college graduation and Rob LaPorta also absent, the meeting was relatively short and peaceful. No one raised his voice or went off on a rant. Trustee Gerry McMahon even sat … Continue reading

Court Orders Mediation between Grafton Township Supervisor and Road Commissioner

Somehow I posted the wrong court order from Judge Thomas Meyer in the litigation between Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund and Supervisor Linda Moore. I have take that one down and put up the one I thought I was … Continue reading

Tom Poznanski Announces Candidacy for Grafton Township Road Commissioner, Endosed by Incumbent

A press release from Tom Poznanski: Tom Poznanski Announces His Candidacy for Grafton Township Road Commissioner Makes Fiscal Responsibility, Responsibility to Taxpayers Top Priorities Lake in the Hills, IL – In the upcoming 2013 Republican primary election, Tom Poznanski has … Continue reading

Grafton Road Commissioner Jack Freund Seeks Ouster of Supervisor Linda Moore

In a motion filed in McHenry County Circuit Court Friday, Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund seeks the removal of Supervisor Linda Moore from office for failure to carry out her duties as Supervisor as well as Treasurer of the … Continue reading

Officials’ Perks Ruled Taxable in Grafton Township

An IRS finding handed down January 31st will surely be the talk of the next meeting of the Township Officials of Illinois. It says that heretofore fringe benefits, such as the Grafton Road Commissioner’s vehicle and the reimbursement for dinners … Continue reading

Rejecting Judge Michael Caldwell

Everybody’s got lawyers in Grafton Township. Supervisor Linda Moore has John Nelson. The Trustees have an Ancel Glink Partner Thomas Dicianni, at least for their case involving Moore. Assessor Bill Ottley has Mike Poper. Road Commissioner Jack Freund has Patrick … Continue reading

Grafton Food Pantry Fight Revives

The Grafton Township Food Pantry was started by former Supervisor Jack Brunschon and continued to operate under his successor John Rossi. During that time it was turned into a not-for-profit entity in order to get better prices on surplus food, … Continue reading

Linda Moore Announces Early Repayment of $400,000 of Loan for New Township Hall

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore: Grafton Township Supervisor Announces Repayment of Loan Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore announced today that she had negotiated a repayment arrangement with Harris Bank that provided for early repayment of $400,000 … Continue reading

Grafton Township Pays Road Commissioner $200,000 of Township Hall Loan

Township government consists of two parts, the Road District, which was spun off as a separate unit of government by the General Assembly and the rest of township government, usually called the township. The last administration of the Grafton Township … Continue reading

Grafton Township Meeting Ends in a Whimper

All the air was sucked out of the 7 PM Annual Town Meeting of Grafton Township as Linda Moore’s opponents won the vote in the Special Town Meeting that started an hour before. The Annual Town Meeting started about twenty … Continue reading

Grafton Township Officials Can’t Agree…Again

The following is from notes from someone who attended the Grafton Township meeting(s) Thursday night. At Thursday night’s Grafton Township meeting to review Road Commissioner Jack Freund’s budget everything was peaceful. The second meeting was the regular monthly meeting. It … Continue reading

Going for Broke When You’re on the Mat

Pete Gonigam’s First Electric Newspaper has been given a scoop about the Grafton Township Trustees ‘ continuing efforts to reverse last year’s election results, which ousted their leader, Supervisor John Rossi. Just one day after being knocked out by Electors … Continue reading

Tidal Wave of Opposition Overwhelms Trustees’ Desire for New Grafton Township Offices

With over 700 registered voters in attendance, electors at the Annual Town Meeting overwhelmingly refused to follow the script laid out by Ancel Glink partner Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. There were so many people in attendance that the 700 pink ballots designed … Continue reading

Grafton Trustees Set Stage for New Township Hall Approval at Annual Town Meeting

Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer led four members of the Grafton Township Board (Barb Murphy being absent) through a proposed agenda for the Annual Town Meeting on April 13th. A list of the agenda items were not available to the public … Continue reading

Grafton Township Critic Says Let Other Governments Absorb Its Functions

McHenry County Blog has some thoughtful thinkers. One has posted the comment below under the last article. Certainly people are talking about abolishing Grafton Township.   Two trustees have told me that might even favor the idea. I found one … Continue reading