Roger Keats’ Book, “Chicago Confidential,” Jumps Out of Current News Stories

In the Epilogue of his new book “Chicago Confidential,” former State rep. and Senator Roger Keats says he has “changed the names to protect the guilty.” The book is an insider’s look at political corruption in Chicago and Illinois. If … Continue reading

Schaumburg Democrat Calls for Eliminating Joe Walsh’s 8th Congressional District

In the Elgin House Reapportionment Committee hearing on April 28 , 2011, a member of the Schaumburg Area Democratic Organization called for the elimination of the 8th Congressional District. Roger Bianco thinks this would result in “a more representative form … Continue reading

A Recidivism Prevention Program that Works

The Illinois Department of Corrections generally doesn’t. It seems to be it should be renamed the Illinois Prison System or something more descriptive of its role of keeping crooks off the street. Now comes along a program that so far … Continue reading

Chicago Tribune – Six Days Late on ACORN, Seven, If You Count Internet Stories

I read the Chicago Tribune pretty thoroughly. This week after the Fox News expose on community organizing group ACORN Friday, a week ago, I was watching for stories. The TEA Party folks had ACORN’s number. You can see that from … Continue reading

Illinois Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Congressional Earmarks – Part 4

For the last three days, we have listed the pork found in the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development part of this year’s budget found because Taxpayers for Common Sense posted such congressional earmarks. The whole list for this part … Continue reading

Pork Where You Might Expect It – in the Agriculture Budget

Below are the Illinois congressional earmarks in the Department of Agriculture budget. Again, one of the major sponsors, Peoria’s Ray LaHood is no longer in Congress. Ag $188,000 Durbin – Natural Resources Conservation Service, Illinois River Water Conservation, Illinois Department … Continue reading

Illinois Defense Department Pork

Looking at the web site of Taxpayers for Common Sense is a list in the Defense appropriation bill. We published the list from the Commerce, Justice and Science bill yesterday. Again, nothing I can see for McHenry County, but Republican … Continue reading