Dozen File to Run as Write-ins in McHenry County, including Obama Opponent

Below are the people who have filed to run write-in campaigns in McHenry County: For public officer there are two Democrats: John Joseph Polachek  – United States President [Polachek did not filed a copy, not an original document, so there … Continue reading

Democrat Jeff Thirtyacre Seeks Write-in Route to Run against Republican Barb Wheeler for State Representative

Spring Grove Democrat Jeff Thirtyacre has filed papers with the McHenry County Clerk’s Office to run as a write-in candidate for this party’s nomination for State Representative in the 64th District. To win the write-in contest, he must get as … Continue reading

Jeff Thirtyacre Disappears from Democratic Party Web Site

It appears backing Independent Scott Lee Cohen over Democratic Party nominee Pat Quinn for Governor has consequences. The name of District 4 County Board candidate Jeff Thirtyacre has disappeared from the McHenry County Democratic Party’s web site page listing local … Continue reading

Personal PAC County Board Endorsement – An Amplification

The post I ran about pro-abortion Personal PAC’s endorsements for the McHenry County Board was incomplete. Instead of going to the Personal PAC endorsement page, I relied on the eVote web site. It is clearly unreliable, as I guess I … Continue reading

The Politicians in the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade

First among the politicians at the Johnsburg parade was McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren. Unlike other parades, there were not four motorcycles accompanying him.  Usually there are two from the Sheriff’s Department and two from the McHenry County Conservation District. … Continue reading

Democratic County Board Candidate Says Scott Lee Cohen “Only Clear Choice”

In this email comment to one of my articles, District 4 Democratic Party Board member Jeff Thirtyacre demonstrates the problem that Pat Quinn has winning the election this year: Jeff Thirtyacre says: 08/18/2010 at 5:43 am (Edit) Between Quinn and … Continue reading

Minority of Republicans Playing Conflict of Interest Defense

“Hostile” would be fair in characterization of McHenry County Board member Pete Merkel’s reaction to the ALAW conflict of interest proposal, as reported by Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald Merkel, running unopposed in the Republican primary election, did not … Continue reading

Only 7 Out of 27 County Board Candidates Have Not Yet Revealed Potential Conflicts of Interest

Two more county board candidates have filed their conflict of interest forms with the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water. That brings the total to 20 out of 27 candidates who have answered the ALAW questionnaire. 74%.  Pretty amazing. District … Continue reading

Barb Wheeler’s Pro-Life Postcard

From looking at District 3 candidate Nick Provenzano’s fancy Pro-Life post card (see bottom of the liked article), one would think he was the only Pro-Life candidate running. A post card from Barb Wheeler hopes to clear up any confusion. … Continue reading

ALAW Conflict of Interest Idea Jumps to Crystal Lake City Government

Remember hearing about how forest fires sometimes jump fire breaks that are intended to contain them. That may have happened late last week with the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest ordinance. Originally presented to the McHenry … Continue reading

Sheriff’s Candidate Zane Seipler Files ALAW’s Conflict of Interest Form

So far thirteen candidates for the McHenry County Board have filed the conflict of interest forms that the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water have suggested be applied to all county officials. Yesterday, Zane Seipler, who is challenging three-term incumbent … Continue reading

Voluntary Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Gains Momentum as a Campaign Issue

One of the roles McHenry County Blog plays is alerting daily newspapers of stories they otherwise might not think of. This might be one of those articles. The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water came up with an idea to … Continue reading

Three McHenry County Board Candidates Draw Personal PAC Endorsement

Didn’t know that the pro-abortion Personal PAC went as low as members of the McHenry County Board until District 2 candidate Ellen Brady Mueller told me she had gotten a questionnaire, but had not filled it out. I asked her … Continue reading